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Roseanne Barr is a Presidential Nominee, like for reals.

Roseanne Barr for president, Peace and Freedom party

Roseanne Barr will be one of the candidates on the presidential ballot in Florida in the November 6 election.

The outspoken entertainer represents the Peace and Freedom party and will be running against Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Barr’s running mate is Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist whose son was killed in the Iraq war in 2004. The party platform will be for legalization of marijuana and same sex marriage.

On Barr’s website regarding the economy she says, “The Bankers and the Federal Reserve need to be brought down. They have stolen our money, our future and the American Dream and continue to enslave us with a broken monetary system. There is no scarcity; there is manipulation of the resources. We need to end the wars, bring our troops home and our jobs back, create new Green jobs and put people back to work. We need a resource based economy.”

On the legalization of marijuana, “The legalization of marijuana is the way to end all Drug Wars and stop the monopoly of the subsidized prison systems. Our government and corporations are getting paid every time someone goes to prison for non-violent crimes due to marijuana arrests. Drug laws need to be rewritten to make them sane and people based. We need to end the prohibition on marijuana and legalize it.”

On an interview recently on “Hannity,” Barr was asked if she’s running as a socialist. Her response:

“Well, I'm running on the Peace and Freedom Party, and part of - - I do think we do need a little bit more socialism in this country this time. We need to move stuff from the top to the middle and the bottom, because it keeps on staying at the top. How you build the middle class is bring stuff from the top down to the middle. And people deserve something back for the taxes they pay.”


I'm not sure why the article saids that she'll only be on the Florida ballot, when I'm looking at the vote by mail pamphlet rn and I see her name (I live in California, so...).

Roseanne Barr: 'Romney Is Pro Rape'

By tweeting that "Romney is pro rape" on Wednesday, Roseanne Barr immediately ignited an online controversy.

Actress, comedian, and so-called presidential candidate Barr infuriated and embarrassed tons of people with her Twitter post.

Barr said she considers Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his vice presidential running mate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to essentially be pro-rape because they don’t believe in paying for abortions, even if a pregnancy has resulted from rape or incest.

Barr explained her thinking in a series of tweets:

“Both romney and ryan oppose paying for the abortions of our raped and forcibly impregnated female troops!” she said in one.

“Romney no longer believes that his health care program should pay for the abortions of our raped/forcibly impregnated troops," she said in another.

"Denying our raped and impregnated female troops the right to paid abortion is pro rape, pro rape culture, and anti american,” she said in yet another.

But Barr might have sent out the controversial tweet to bring attention to her own campaign because the actress will be one of a dozen presidential candidates on the Florida ballot in November, due to the Sunshine State's liberal ballot-access rules.

She is running under the auspices of her California-based Peace and Freedom Party. Her platform includes the legalization of the use of marijuana and same-sex marriage. Her running mate is Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist.

Sheehan became known across the country when she protested outside former President George W. Bush’s ranch in Texas.

On her website. Barr posted a statement saying “the bankers and the [U.S.] Federal Reserve need to be brought down” to help fix the US economy. “They have stolen our money, our future and the American Dream and continue to enslave us with a broken monetary system,” she said.

“We definitely do not have any serious choices in this election besides me,” she added in a video on her website.

She probably won’t be shying away from saying, “Romney is pro rape,” again during her campaign.


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