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All eyes on Jennifer Lawrence at the pre-Oscar party (and more)!



Last night was one of those funny, fabulous and surreal LA nights.

I began my evenin240213-zoe-kravitz-oscars-deg at the exclusive Mario Testino Prism gallery exhibition private view. Marisa Tomei, Kim Kardashian, Poppy Delevingne, Miss Jay from America's Next Top Model and Mario himself all turned out.

The gallery was packed, everybody was drinking pisco sours and the bar had a queue six people back. Not cool. But the pictures were awesome - there was one Kate Moss image which literally lit up the room.

But following Testino things really did hot up and it ended up being one of those nights where you 'ping' out of bed in the morning because you've enjoyed yourself so much and you can't wait to tell everyone what went on!

In fact being at the Weinstein event was actually one of those parties that gives me faith in the showbiz industry once again. There wasn't a reality star in sight - just wall to wall A-Listers. And no VIP area.

The event was held in the plush surroundings of Soho House, LA. Movie boss Harvey Weinstein invited his nominees and the creme de la creme of Hollywood movie talent to come to his soiree and gear up for today's proceedings to kick off.

To start with I got in the lift with Zoe Kravitz and mother Lisa Bonet. Four people in a lift. Zoe picked up on the fact we were British and imitated my accent pretty much immediatey. I replied: "Why is it whenever an American tries to do a British accent it always sounds like a Dick Van Dyke 'Mary Poppins' accent?"

Zoe replied: "You're so right, Guv'nor'" The X-Men star seemed like she was very much able to have fun. And wow is she hot - well, with a dad like Lenny it's no major surprise.

The party didn't seem too fabulous to begin with - the only star I was able to root out was Holly Valance. I was grilling her on how long it's going to be before she starts a family. The reply was: "Not long, but I'm on the sauce tonight if that's what you're thinking."

I quickly realised there were two sides to this party. The main room was full of nobodies - the garden room was full of the talent. You could tell that was where the action was because there was a one-in one-out policy. Even Juliette Lewis couldn't get in because of fire marshals orders when she came storming past me and announced loudly: "My boss Harvey is in there, man." The doorman couldn't have cared less.

Eventually Juliette and me did mange to make it in. And when we were in it was like that scene at the end of the Goonies when the kids find the treasure ship full of gold.
Jamie Foxx was in the entrance telling Piers Morgan that he fully supported his views on gun laws and the fact America needs to grow a pair of balls and change their thoughts on guns. Piers told me: "It's an extraordinary situation where buying a gun is as simple as going into Walmart. And that needs to change. Jamie told me he fully supports my opinion and wants to appear on my CNN show this week. I'm thrilled."

I asked how life was for Piers after the recent birth of his fourth son, the former newspaper editor's first child with wife Celia Walden. "It's great," he said. "But I'm like Pablo Picasso and I've told Celia that he was still banging them out at 84." Good luck with that, Celia.

Jamie spent much of the night hanging with the Django Unchained crew. Kerry Washington is ridiculously beautiful up close, Quentin Tarantino wore a beanie and looked permanently lost in the throng of the party and I never realised Jamie has such a ghastly tattoo on the back of his head.

After an hour the room became very focused on the area where I was standing with a friend. I looked over my right shoulder and Leonardo DiCaprio had appeared with a few man pals. Then within a few minutes Oscar nominees Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence pitched up. Jennifer was wearing black and looked impeccable. I'm told Rachel Zoe has been styling her for the past few months. Personally, I think she's been dressing too old with all this Dior. But some would say it's timeless. Let's hope she dresses young and her age for the red carpet later on.

It was almost like a love triangle was developing right before my very eyes. Leo and Bradley were both vying for Jennifer's attention. Jen rested her arm on Bradley but spoke to Leo. She appeared close with Bradley, if you ask me. Those two do have the most sensational chemistry in Silver Linings Playbook - and there have been rumours.

Let's just say they looked comfortable with each other.


But Leonardo was definitely making a great effort.

I obviously wanted to get as close as I could. Leo had an endless supply of bourbon being delivered to his table in beautiful crystal glasses as he sucked on an electronic ciggie furiously.

At one point the waiter came forwards and gave him a glass of bourbon and there was a spare. I grabbed it, despite blooming hating the stuff, and slurped on it. How he was standing after all those drinks I have no idea. But who cared - I was drinking Leonardo's bourbon.

Jennifer was the first to leave and I wished her good luck at the Oscars and told her to "win it for Britain". She laughed and replied: "I'll lie back and think of England." And on that note she gave me a wink.

Bradley sloped off second and Leonardo went shortly after…with three girls dressed in skin tight Herve Leger dresses. Obviously. The Weinstein party proved Hollywood is more alive than ever.

Now it's time to prepare for the big one. It's Oscar time!

Until tomorrow, people.
DP x

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