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Mr. Magoo's daughter's drunken illiteracy saved by Queen Latifah

'Absolutely Wasted': Swaying Renee Zellweger Appears Drunk As She Hands Out Oscars

Star sparked speculation she may have hit the free bubbly a little hard on Twitter.

Renee Zellweger might not have been up for the Oscar but if there was an award for appearing the most drunk at an award ceremony, we think she might have swung it.

The actress reunited with the cast of Chicago to present the gong for Best Original Score and appeared a little unsteady on stage, swaying dramatically and even failed to read out the winner Life Of Pi, forcing Queen Latifah to step in and save the day.

The star had shined on the red carpet in a stunning gold Carolina Herrera gown but by the time she joined her co-stars on stage to present two awards it seems the free booze at the event, might have been taking an effect.

While Richard Gere read out the nominees for Best Original Song, which was awarded to Adele for 'Skyfall', the Bridget Jones star stood swaying next to the actor, with a bemused smile on her face. Her eyes even appeared to close at one point.

who are you, white man?

Later when announcing the award for Best Original Score she stared blankly at the card when Gere held it up for her, failing to read off the winner, until Queen Latifah leaned over her to announce the win for 'Life Of Pi'.

i can't see.

Her performance wasn't missed by fans on Twitter with one writing: “Did you guys see the #Oscars tonight? Ya, neither did Renee Zellweger.”While another wrote: “I figured Renee Zellweger's divorce from Kenny Chesney was rough, but not "my eyes have disappeared" rough. #oscars”

Despite the awards, stars and even Jennifer Lawrence's fall on the way to pick up her Best Actress gong, it seems Renee's moment of glory was the top point of the night for several fans.

“Why isn't the whole world talking about Renee Zellweger's melt down at the Oscars last night? It's scared the bejesus out of me,” one asked.While another added: “Highlight of my night seeing an absolutely wasted Renee Zellweger on stage at the #Oscars.”


This shit was hilarious. Actual QUEEN Latifah swoops in to save the day! Also, there's no Renée Zellweger tag? (and i've spelled her name with the correct accentuation, unlike this article)

ETA: My apologies for the original title of this post. Thank you to ametalheart for the pictures in your comment to clarify the argument at hand. 

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