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Real Housewives of Vancouver’s Mary Zilba Speaks Up


Two episodes into Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Vancouver and it looks like Mary Zilba and Ronnie Negus are in a getting along phase of their bumpy 20-year friendship.
Well, looks are deceiving.

According to Zilba, there is no relationship between the two. The breakdown is the result of Negus’s blossoming friendship with fellow RHOV cast member Jody Claman. The very same cast member that at the end of last season Negus swore she would never speak to again.

Well, it seems never, ever isn’t final as Negus embraced the tiny tiara-wearing Claman when she came to Negus’s side after Negus’s daughter Remington apparently nearly died after choking on a piece of steak last February.

Zilba says wait a minute — there is more to that story.

“The thing that hurt me the most was the deliberate omission of when I was there for Ronnie,” said Zilba, who added that she went to the hospital when Remington was rushed there and she stayed with Negus for 24 hours. “My story is a little bit different, I was there. She (Ronnie) talks about Jody being there. She came three days later after they changed hospitals bringing coffee and doughnuts. That’s what hurts me is the deliberate omission of me even being there. I have been there for her many times.”

Not one to speak out or take to Twitter to talk about the other RHOV cast members Zilba is talking now because she is sick and tired of being called a “victim” because she won’t as she says “get down into a mud puddle and wrestle” with the other RHOV women or their fans.

“I think some of teasers have given away quite a bit,” said Zilba, over the phone recently. “You can kind of see who is aligned with whom. You can see Jody and Ronnie are a team. Amanda (Hansen) is clearly a Jody protégé. And Robin (Reichman) and I have built a relationship. You can see the dynamics play out. It is very much like last season in that it is about trying to bring Mary down, but I do want to make it clear Dana I am not a victim. It’s quite the contrary.
“I live by the mantra that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. That’s how I grew up. That’s what I believe.

“I just try and abstain from behaviour I don’t condone. I don’t go around verbally attacking people. That’s just not something I take pleasure in. I am not vindictive or malicious,” added Zilba.

But she is still a person and admits there have been times when she has wanted to respond to the badgering she has received from cast mates and from RHOV fans on social media.

“I just feel there is so much more strength in silence,” said Zilba. “Anybody can lash out. Of course at times I feel like I want to go off on them, but at the end of the day I would regret it. I am a role model for my kids and take it very seriously being in the public eye. I think I have an obligation to act a certain way. Some of these women have very bad behaviour.”

Speaking of bad behavior, Zilba pointed to the launch party for the series that was held a couple of weeks back at downtown Vancouver hotel.

Cast members and friends and family gathered to watch the first episode. Zilba went with her ex-husband and one of her teenage sons.

“When I came on the screen they started booing me,” said Zilba, who left the event early. “Dana, grown women, sitting on the couch booing me. They were yelling she’s a loser and booing me.”

But despite incidents like that and comments posted online Zilba says she will be standing firm in her desire to not roll with the pigs if you will. She also hopes her fans will follow her non-engaging lead.

“Use your voice for something that is constructive in the world,” said Zilba. “It’s interesting how they try to egg me on almost to get me down in the sewer and I am just not going to do it and I don’t want my fans to either. Even if someone lashes out at me I don’t want my fans to lash out at them. I don’t do it and I don’t want them to do it. If I see something like that I won’t re-tweet it and I have told people who have done it in defense of me not to do it. I just believe two wrongs don’t make a right.”

sigh they're are all such messes on twitter, RHOV party post. Episode 3 airs tonight!


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