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Who will Liam choose: Hope or Steffy?!

Taylor is on top at least for now and Brooke is not happy about it. But not to worry dear Brooke, Bill comes to the rescue and moves his stocks to back Brooke up and get the Logan's back to where they belong despite Eric's thinking he is in charge. Remember Stephanie's dying words? Well it looks like they are going to come back and bite you in the ass!

Baby Rosey is in jeopardy when Maya makes the choice to replace the child. This wont happen for awhile but insiders are saying get those Kleenex ready!

With a wedding looming thanks to Brooke, Steffy rushes to the scene and finally tells Liam she is with child and all hell breaks loose. When Liam learns this news he is overjoyed to learn he is going to be a daddy leaving Hope at the altar. Upset that she will not be marrying Liam she rushes off to Oliver who had told her how much he loved her and seeks comfort in his arms. Are we looking at Bell's new super couple? Can Hope forgive Oliver like she forgave her mother? What will Hope do when she finds Momma in the arms of Bill Spencer?

The actor who has been hired to play Ridge is still waiting to come on board, but Brad has decided to put that on hold because one of the writers (wonder which blonde it is) likes the Bill/Brooke story and to bring Ridge back at this point would kill the momentum that they're building to an obvious sexual encounter between Bill and Brooke. Really Brad?

New ideas are coming from the head office at CBS. It is being rumored that we may see the break up of Kevin/Chloe and or Michael/Lauren. Whispers are we may be seeing the hook up of Chloe/Alex and Carmine plus Lauren to see how fans react. I am not holding my breath on Lauren and Michael, IMO this would be horrible, but then again it would give these two excellent actors a real story. It is also rumored that TPTB want to do a gay story involving Michael or even Kevin hence the reason for the break up. As I have been told ether actor has no problems with this type of story. The "pro" for Michael is the story is how Fen deals with Michael being gay, therefore this will cause the break-up of Lauren/Michael and this is being STRONGLY considered. The actor who will cause this break up is not any one on the canvas at this time. Writers are thinking down the line, and if this storyline does not work out, the actor being cast as "the lover" will just be written off. Look for this to be a possible summer storyline.

Michael Muhney recently tweeted that he has an "epic" story line coming up. He also said that he wants to make it clear that it has nothing to do with his hooking up with Sharon. No word on what this so called "epic" storyline will be, so we will have to just wait and see.

March kicks off a big story for Michelle Stafford. A storm comes which will change everything in Genoa City!

Cane and Lily have a romantic rendezvous planned at the GCAC for their anniversary but the snowstorm keeps them apart and Lily is with Tyler. Cane goes searching and low and behold finds the two body to body. Lily says it was for keeping warm but Cane has his doubts. He asks Lily if she ever cheated on him with Daniel and says nothing making him assume she had when in actuality they were broken up so therefore it wasn't cheating. DG is quoted saying that “when Lily had cancer, Cane was there, regardless of the lies. He has never cheated. Nevertheless, now that it’s out there in the open, they will have to figure out how to deal.

With the unveiling of the new Newman ranch many are asking who will live at the ranch. Nikki, Victor, Sharon?

Chloe deliberately gets herself kicked out of the Kiriakis mansion for the sole purpose of getting Daniel to invite her and Parker to stay with him - which rattles Jennifer. She uncompromisingly tells him to drop Chloe out of his life and sue for custody of Parker.

Stefano insists to Kristen that she marry Brady, who is still resistant. But he does suggest living together and Kristen does her best to try and convince him to live with her at the Dimera mansion.

Sami and Gabi have a vicious argument and Gabi begins to experience excruciating pain and is taken to the hospital. Sami is ordered to stay away from Gabi.

Nicole, after having a huge fight with Lucas, decides to leave town. Meanwhile, Eric finds himself face to face with a local junkie and his gun - and Nicole walks into the middle of it. Eric is wounded and Nicole, thinking that Eric is going to die, tells him that she loves him.

Are we any closer to finding out what is happening between PP and ABC. Laura Wright tweeted that Todd is coming back. The latest word that is circulating is "Crossovers". GH obeyed TPTB and are exiting the characters back to Llanview. This will establish a framework for crossovers which PP is very happy about because this will lure GH viewers to follow what transpires to these characters in Llanview and establish promotional benefits for PP. The GH writing staff is not too thrilled because this will entail consulting with the PP writers on exits, story progress and returns. The minute the door is open for all of this to happen the word is do not expect it will be a one-time event nor limited to the three actors in question. All that is left is for the lawyers to work out the legal details and hash out the least objectionable deal for their respective side. Whether fans of either GH and OLTL will be totally satisfied remains to be seen.

A visitor gives Lulu something connected to The Ice Princess. Luke and Laura see it and it causes insensitive memories of days gone by. It is being hinted that this gift will come from Helena. I hear we will see Helena return as well as Faison and a resurrected Cassadine. Possible Nikolas and yes Robert will eventually come out of his coma. Now I want to be clear on one thing, just because we are moving in the direction of "The Ice Princess" you have to realize this will not be the same storyline. This is a revisit which means exploring history in more detail. Old events and secrets and their consequences will effect present day. The younger generation will be impacted by this decades of old feuds and they don't even realize yet.

Caleb claims his next victim, and it's the end of Steven Webber when he tries to save Sabrina from the hands of the Vampire King. Steven comes to Sabrina's aid and is killed by Caleb who is trying to kill Sabrina and Steve will die a hero. And to add more to Caleb's madness he kidnaps Sam and when she wakes up she realizes that she's Caleb's prisoner. Caleb is determined to make Sam recall their past life together.

Will GH be celebrating on the View? Will GH do a primetime for the 50th? Will Katie Couric make her acting debut for the 50th?

Not one of the actors who appeared in the final episode of OLTL have signed on. The fact that no one has been cast in those roles means they want those actors and those actors haven't said yes. Many are asking will TSJ come back and finish up? Trevor is least likely to do PP out of the other 3, perhaps with ABCD out of it and no Frons he will. TSJ must have forgiven Ron enough to do the last episode of OLTL when we saw him being held captive by crazy Allsion. As he has mention many times he's not interested in any long term deal, but a pay check is a paycheck and who knows maybe they will work something out that will make his schedule more flexible.

Both shows will be redone over and the opening credits as well. AMC and ONE LIFE will be shooting separately in five-week intervals but will air continuously, which means 5 weeks on 5 weeks off for the actors working, which isn't a bad deal at all. The shows will be on air all the time but the actors will have mini vacations and options to do other things.

If the rumor about Llanview being destroyed by a hurricane is true, rebuilding it could be the umbrella story, having side stories of corruption, and interactions leading to romance. If they hire new suitable actors on recurring it gives them a chance to see how they would work out, then possibly sign them.

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