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Allison Williams Watches Her 'Girls' Sex Scenes With Her Dad

'I thought that it would be more uncomfortable than I was' the actress admits to Anderson Cooper, though she still warns her family what to expect before turning on the show.

‘Girls’ star Allison Williams talks about watching sex scenes from the show with her dad, ‘NBC Nightly News’ anchor Brian Williams, with Anderson Cooper on ‘Anderson Live.’

It's the moment that no father dreams of: Watching your little girl acting out sex scenes on television.

But for Allison Williams, 25, and her famous father, news anchor Brian Williams, it can also be family bonding time.

"It's a unique experience," the 'Girls' actress joked on Anderson Cooper's talk show, noting that her family is very close and that her parents understand it's just acting.

"So far we've watched all of the episodes for the first time together. I filmed them, so I know what's coming and I can prepare them."

While filming the first season of the HBO hit, after all, Allison was still living with her parents.

"I'd come home from work and be like, this is what I did today," Williams said. "How was the news, Dad?"

Actress Allison Williams says she warns her father, Brian, ahead of time so that she can prepare him for the naughty scenes in the HBO show, ‘Girls.’

Brian Williams keeps his sense of humor about Allison's romantic encounters as “Girls” character Marnie, particularly when greeting Allison's co-stars.

"All of the boys [I ACT WITH] get so uncomfortable when they meet my dad," Allison said.

Brian's signature move?

"He slaps them on the back and says 'That was hilarious!'"

Still, it doesn't mean that seeing her steamy love scenes on the silver screen has always been free of awkwardness.

"There have been times when I'm watching with my little brother and I've pulled the brim of his baseball cap down," she laughed.

Luckily, Cooper had the solution. He gave Allison a pair of pink fuzzy earmuffs and a set of eye masks to avert future uncomfortable situations.

Allison seems to be taking it all in stride: Last week she was spotted out on the town with singer John Mayer, sparking rumors that the two might be more than friends.


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