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King Kyle (and others) at the 'Beautiful Creatures' premiere


So we'll start with the good. Enjoy some King Kyle

Emmy Rossum

Alice Englert. She's one of the leads in this.

I feel like I can actually see her rethinking her life choices

The other lead, Alden Ehrenreich

Thomas Mann.

Zoey Deutch is not a model. She was just standing there. She had no idea there were cameras. They all went off accidentally.

Lea Thompson channeling Britney Spears Femme Fatale Meet & Greets

Jackson Rathbone

Amandla Stenberg <3 I loved her outfit to be honest

Lauren Potter from Glee

Some random cast pictures

And finally the decor of the after party. I have no fucking idea.

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So yeah, the premiere kind of looked like a mess and maybe that it's late and I can't sleep but I really find some of these kind of funny. Still seeing this for Kyle who really only did this to work with Jeremy, Emma and Viola. Thank you for your time!

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