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Guess Who x2!

Two British Singers
totoro jessie ware

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Woo I got to meet Jessie Ware!  This was at a show in San Francisco Jan 24th.  It was at a small venue with only a couple hundred people.  I went early to get front row.  She came out after the show and took photos/signed stuff for a bunch of fans.  If you're ever at the Rickshaw Stop in SF, if you stay after the show, I'd say it's like 90% likely you'll be able to meet the artist/band from what I've heard.  During the show Jessie was saying how the crowd was the best except for the fact that the last show she did, someone gave her flowers.  I was right in front of her and the only thing I could offer was a piece of gum.  She laughed and made a joke.  After the show she did actually take the gum I offered.  Eventually someone did get some flowers for her though.

This was her opener, Canadian singer Rochelle Jordan.  She was pretty awesome too and I would be glad if she made it big.

Who else did I meet?
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Also went to see Emeli Sande Feb 4th at the Independent in SF!  I went early again to get front row.  She gave wristbands out to the first 15 people in line to do a meet and greet after the show with no extra charge!  I got a picture and 2 signed set lists!  (One set list is for a guy I met at the concert who couldn't get a wristband so I offered to have the set list he got signed and I'd mail it to him).  What was more amazing is that 3 girls were under 21 and couldn't get into the venue.  They were at the venue before me despite the fact there was no way they could get in.  So while waiting outside, part of Emeli's crew would come out and chat to the girls.  One guy went inside to have Emeli sign a CD for one of them.  Gurl cried and I think her friend recorded it lol.  Eventually all 3 girls were able to get in before the show just to meet Emeli since they were such diehard fans.  Sadly, club rules meant they couldn't stay for the actual show.  But so great of Emeli to agree to meeting them.

Source:  me and my camera and the totoro my friend made for me

(First post ever after lurking for so many years and then finally commenting more the past year)
(dang i feel like i need to reply to everyone since its my first post and its a guess who or id feel bad lol)

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