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Is This Going to Be the Last "Good Wife" Post of 2015? (Won't God do it? Won't He?)

The Good Wife returns in the less than 2 weeks (January 10) (thank god because that last episode was trash), and OP is here to bless ONTD viewers (all 8 of you <3).

First off, we have the promo for the eleventh episode "Iowa". It shows what appears to be the continuation of the cliffhanger from the last episode:

According to "TV Line"Ariana Grande's ex-bf Graham Philips returns to reprise his role as Zach Florrick in "an hour that finds the entire Florrick clan crammed into Peter’s campaign bus en route to the Iowa Caucuses".

Next up is the press release for episode 12, which airs the following week (January 17):

“Tracks” – Alicia and Cary join forces to defend a former client facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit over ownership rights to his new music. Also, Alicia’s neighbors are unhappy that her law firm is operating out of her apartment and threaten to evict her, on THE GOOD WIFE, Sunday, Jan. 17 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Finally, Josh Charles did an interview with E! not so long ago, discussing his return to the series (as a director), and #Kaliciagate.

On returning:

"I would love to return," Charles tells E! News. "I don't know. I was supposed to do one last year, and then the schedule didn't work out with Wet Hot [American Summer: First Day of Camp production]. That's my family over there. But I don't know about this season. Probably not because I'm busy this year but it's possible."

On whether or not he felt strongly about the #Kaliciagate scandal from Season 6's finale:

"I don't," Charles said when asked if he had any reaction to the controversy. "I'm sorry, I don't. I'm so sorry."

When on the topic of positive memories and his favourite scene:

"I don't know if I have a favorite scene," Charles says. "I don't know. I just have great memories. I love the show, I love those people. Actually I was just texting with Christine [Baranski] recently and I hope to see her when I get back and have a lunch."


Please feel Free (Now on iTunes) to use this post to talk about episode 7x10.

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