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Mariah Carey photographed in New York City

Mariah Carey, the singer-songwriter who not only holds the record for the most#1 songs among singers but also the record among female music producers, has been enjoying the holiday season in the midst of her sold-out Christmas concert series at New York's Beacon Theater.Recent photographs show the global superstar in a series of form-fitting festive winter gowns and scarves.

December 15, 2015

nycapt15dec15 1 large

nycapt15dec15 2 large

nycapt15dec15 3 large

nycapt15dec15 4 large

December 9, 2015

nycapt9dec15 5 large

nycapt9dec15 2 large

nycapt9dec15 3 large

beacon9dec15 5 large

beacon9dec15 1 large

beacon9dec15 2 large

beacon9dec15 4 large

December 14, 2015

beacon14dec15 1 large

beacon14dec15 2 large

beacon14dec15 4 large

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