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Karlie Kloss Interview With Joe Fresh + More!


  • During the holidays, her family finds time to spend together since they're busy

  • Grew up in St. Louis so since it snows a lot during the holidays, her family would stay inside baking things

  • Loves to wear plaid and turtlenecks in the winter

  • Either spends holidays in St.Louis or NY depending on her family's schedule

  • Loves listening to Mariah during the holidays

She was also out in NY riding a citi bike (with no helmet smh)

new/old pic from the shoot she did with taylor earlier this year (there was a post here)!

mikaeljansson Happy Birthday Taylor !

I loved working with you both on this shoot @taylorswift @karliekloss
Vogue Magazine #bts
#taylorswift #tonnegoodman #karliekloss #voguemagazine #garrennewyork #markcarrasquillo #mikaeljansson

karliekloss An awesome and rewarding start to my freshman year made possible by these guys ⬆️

karliekloss When life gives you good lighting...

karliekloss... post two selfies 😜

Ps. No filter needed when shooting with @harryjoshhair and @quinnmurphy1

sorry mods, fixed!
thank you for your time!

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