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Meth Damon and Adam Driver at Late Night With Seth Meyers - Yummy, Yummy!

Talented Sex SymbolsAdam Driver and Meth Damon (Jesse Plemons) attended the Late Night with Seth Meyers show last night (or the previous one, I'm lazy and not sure) to promote the upcoming Star Wars movies and Fargo Season 2's finale, respectively. Adam talked about comic con's craziness and Star Wars' secrecy while Methy discussed the difference between FNL and Breaking Bad fans and his resemblence to actual Matt Damon. Check the videos and highlights below.

  • FNL fans don't approach him as much after Breaking Bad.

  • FNL fans ask for normal pics while BB fans ask him for him to pretend to shoot him and one guy really wanted to fake choke him for a pic.

  • Played a young Matt Damon on 'All The Pretty Horses". His mom organized a screening for the movie and he took the girl he had a crush on, then realized he had been cut from the movie while watching it :(

  • He seems like a sweetheart tbh, I like him.

  • All he can tell is that his character (Kylo Ren) is a fan of Darth Vader's work.

  • The script he received came with a lock. He could only read it while alone.

  • They didn't have a script when shooting begun.

  • Filmed the 4th season of 'Girls' and 'Star Wars' at the same time.

  • I had never seen a interview with him and he honestly acts and sounds so much different than I thought??

  • Wanted to go for a run, but security would only let him get coffee.

  • To get such coffee they had to use a Darth Vader or Iron Man mask.

  • A bagpipe band was in the front of the hotel playing the 'Star Wars' theme. When they'd finish it, they'd celebrate and play it again, and again.


Do you have any theories over how Seth Meyers didn't succumb to the sexually fluid side of the Force while in the presence of such sensual, Epicurean beings, ONTD? TYFYA!

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