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5H get 4 backup dancers & new choreography, 5 questions with Capital FM, & no Camila in twitter pic

-Normani says Leigh Anne is her favorite member of LM because she hung out and related to her most
-Normani really loves twerking and would be a dancer, if she wasn't a singer
-Normani sings "Zero" by Chris Brown and says it's her favorite song on the radio...

When a fan tweeted her saying that she needs to stop stanning Chris Brown, she said this...

-Most fans support her stanning and wanted a full Zero cover, so she gave them a "Liquor" snippet too

-Dinah's favorite singer is Carrie Underwood
-When asked to choose between Little Mix and Spice Girls she says she is obsessed with Black Magic, but chooses "Little Girls"
-Dinah says Locked Away is her favorite song on the radio and she sings/hums a bit of it
-She tries marmite

-Lauren can't beatbox and does a terrible job trying
-She would love to collab with Lana Del Rey
-"I love bread."

-Camila tries an English accent and beatboxing
-If she had to choose one member of 1D to join 5H, she would have all 5 members of 1D join... sis Zayn is gone
-Ed Sheeran is her favorite singer in the world
-She would bring her guitar if she could have one thing while stuck on an island

-Ally's favorite party trick is twerking... sis you are sunshine, but you can't twerk or dance at all
-Ally loves all of 1D and their music, so she can't choose a fav member
-Ally hums "Hello" as her favorite song on the radio
-Chooses Justin Bieber over 5SOS without hesistation, but adds some oh it's so hard to pick after
-Loves desserts

-Yesterday Camila left the studio early to go to Jingle Ball and the official twitter tweeted a pic with only the 4 of them...

-5H performed at Triple Ho Show
-They hired 4 back up dancers, which is a bit awkward when one of them is left without one
-There is a new BO$$ intro where the hair flips and drop downs are a bit out of sync, though that may be intentional (?)
-Normani edges Camila out of the middle at 2:24
-New dance break at 2:31 where poor Ally finishes way after the others and is completely outdanced by her back up

Source: YouTube 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Twitter 1, 2, 3

Someone please stop Normani's Chris Brown crush/stanning... Poor Ally with that new choreography... @5H's management is it too hard to hire one more back up dancer? Also, what team would add fuel to the fire by tweeting a pic without Camila?

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