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The Always Effervescent John Boyega On Sway In The Morning


01:10 - he does the kanye "you ain't got the answers sway" impression.
01:39 - Who is Finn?
02:50 - he was born in 1992....
03:46 - "how did you grow up?" Grew up in London...born and raised...he was raised in peckham a "very cool community of people mostly minorities"....His routine was theatre, church, school.
04:34 - his dad is a church minister.
04:40 - jokes he doesn't have sex or do drugs cos he is a disney employee...Finn is a virgin. He has a very open relationship with his dad.
05:44 - what's his lowest moment? His reality didn't match to what he wanted to be. His reality didn't not represent him being in a star wars movie. His existence was basic (which is not a bad thing) - free education, decent council housing...and didn't give him any clues as to what his future would be.
06:52 - getting to grips with the fact that no one was going to scout him, and it wasn't just going to happen and he was going to have to work hard.
09:00 - Attack the block.
10:14 - do you rap at all? absolutely not!
11:02 - He is in limbo. And doesn't know how many movies he is going to do. Depends on reception.
11:52 - reaction to being cast and the road to Star Wars - he was relieved when he was cast. people usually go from Attack The Block to Star wars when they talk about him, but there have been a few years in between of "Nos", a lot of "you're not right enough" . So it feels like being rewarded for his persistence.
15:33 - Mystery sack questions (watch for his answers)
If you could be in a movie with any 3 actors alive or dead, who would you pick?
Describe the first time you ever go your arse whooped.
F**k, Marry Kill - options: Rihanna, Miley, Taylor Swift.

ngl, I was casting out all spirits of nu blackness and pleading the blood of jesus before I clicked play! lol. thankfully he didn't disappoint.

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