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Krysten Ritter and David Tennant answer questions on tumblr


Krysten, how weird did it feel when david tennant licked your face?

KR: It was a little gross.
DT: and it was early on, so it was “Hi, nice to meet you. I am going to lick your face.”

What is your favorite quote from Jessica Jones?
DT: My wife’s favorite line “I wrote it.”
KR: Something about bags of dicks.

If you could meet your character in real life, what would you say to them?
DT: Stay away from me!
KR: Sweet jacket dude!

What is your best memory on set ?
KR: I was carrying David over my shoulder and my hair got caught, went to drop him and fell to the ground.

Can David please dress like Kilgrave every day??
DT: I do. What are you talking about?

meh, they did not answer any of the interesting questions.

What is your favorite line from the show? 

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