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Little Mix's Get Weird gets Gold Certification in the UK + Japan Promo + Sex Talk + Charlie's Angels


— Perrie sang Jesy's verse, with a little help of Jade doing background vocals for her.

— Jesy and Jade say that Leigh-Anne watched 50 Shades of Grey with her dad, but she didn't. It was something that came up on a Would You Rather question in another interview, but she didn't even pick that option.
— Jade is losing her shit and can't stop laughing during this whole thing.
— Perrie is ignoring them and trying to solve a crossword puzzle while the others make fun of Leigh-Anne.

— The girls explain sex to Nigel.
— This is what happened:

Jesy: Okay, Nigel. Sex is when a man and a woman come together in intimacy for love.
Jade: That was great!
Nigel: Do they always come together?
Jade: It's like the birds and the bees.
Jesy: No birds and bees. It's purely just a penis and a vagina...
Jade: Jesminda!
Jesy: ...that come together and the penis inserts the vagina hole, and, and...
Perrie: And a little thing you can call cum comes out to produce a baby.
Jade: [screams and loses her shit]
Perrie: And that is how you were born, Nigel!

— Jesy isn't worried about getting older and thinks it's gonna be kind of cool.
— Leigh-Anne said this to Jesy: “But are you looking forward to looking old and wrinkly and be jealous of your daughter looking younger than you?”
— Perrie's face after that statement was priceless. She even gasped.
— Jesy said that Leigh-Anne is gonna be like the evil step-mother from A Cinderella Story. The girls agreed.
— Perrie said that her mom is her best friend and that they do everything together and that her mom isn't jealous of her and that she wants her to have everything that she never did. Also, her mom can't touch her clothes.

— Perrie brought mistletoe to school, when she was around 15, so boys would kiss her because she hadn't had her first kiss, yet. Some guys kissed her cheek, and then a really hot guy borrowed her mistletoe so he could go and kiss another girl.

— The girls like waking up early on Christmas to open their presents.
— Perrie and her family open their presents on Christmas Eve, and the girls judged her because of this.

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ONTD, how was sex explained to you by your parents/teachers/siblings/friends?

Also, did you have a good Thanksgiving? Have you bought your Christmas presents, yet? Make it rain, ONTD!

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