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ONTD Original: The Best Songs From Non-Disney Animated Soundtracks

We all know that Disney has cornered the market on animated musicals, but there have been some great songs worked into other kids' movies over the years. Here is my carefully curated nostalgic list:

We're a Miracle - Christina Aguilera

Who knew that one of Xtina's best ballads would show up on a Pokemon soundtrack? The English OST for the first Pokemon movie featured some of the biggest pop acts of its time. Honorable Mentions go to Don't Say You Love Me by M2M, Free Up Your Mind by Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), and Vacation by Vitamin C. Nothing for Britney because Soda Pop sucks and I'll fight every stan who says otherwise. Ooh La La >>>>>>>>Soda Pop>>Tiny Hands.

Take Me There - Mya, Blackstreet, Ma$e and Blink Blink

Back in the day when R&B was still king, these four artists came together to make the theme song for the first Rugrats Movie theme song. The music video featured life-size versions of Tommy's home and the Reptar wagon for the background set. Honorable Mention to On Your Mark, Ready Set Go by Busta Rhymes and the fact that he managed to get the lyric "so fast it'll blow dry your asshole" on a children's soundtrack.

Aaliyah - Journey to the Past

Anastasia: the movie that everyone misremembers as a Disney movie. Aaliyah earned a nomination for Best Original Song at the Grammys with this tune. However the video is a reminder how far CGI has come in almost 20 years.

Natalie Cole - Tell Me Lies

One of the most underrated animated musicals out there is Cats Don't Dance. The movie is chockfull of great songs but Ms. Cole delivers deep emotive soul music with this tune.

Dana Glover - It Is You I Have Loved

Dana Glover is the least notable name on this list but this was the stand-out original song from the first Shrek movie. I can assure you that many middle school girls in the early 2000s played this song while writing about their crushes in their diaries.

Quad City DJs - Space Jam

This song has transcended being a "kids' song". You can tell the censors were sleeping in the 90's because if that shitty One Million Moms group can't handle a Xmas-less Starbucks cup I don't think this music video with people grinding in between shots of Bugs Bunny would have made the cut.

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston - When You Believe

Prince of Egypt was one of those movies that you loved even if you aren't really religious. Mariah and Whitney were at their peaks with this duet and its a blessing that they didn't ruin it by trying to out-sing each other. The music video makes them seem buddy-buddy in #taylor squad kind of way.

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Post any other favorites, Disney or not!

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