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Jai Courtney at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2015 (Australia)


*This post is image heavy*

~Red Carpet

~Men Of The Year Awards 2015 Highlights~

Jai Courtney is GQ's Actor Of The Year for 2015! (YAAASSS!!! So happy for my Flop King <3)

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Jai accepting his Actor of the Year award.

~GQ Cover

A few quotes from GQ Mag

On acting:
"For me, it stems from playing dress up as a kid, and that's still the way I look at it.
But sometimes i clock myself on a set, going 'What the fuck do I do for a living, this is
absolutely bizarre.' Your work is important and certain conditions are imperative to lend
themselves to a positively creative atmosphere. And I'm lucky to be able to do what I love
for a living and thank myself every day I'm on set."

On celebrity:
"I'm still sitting in this sweet spot where work doesn't infringe on my personal life too much,
but leading a private life gets harder as your exposure gets wider. We jest about the sex, drugs
and rock n' roll, but really its the everyday shit -you know it's sad that someone getting a
coffee from a store is now news. What I'm chasing isn't about celebrity, its about climbing within
an industry I'm passionate about."

On being a Gent:
"To me it's simple. I was raised well and I have a pretty good idea about who I am as a person
and where my morals stand. And I can't fathom how anyone would think it's strategically beneficial
to act like a fuckwit. I don't know any good bloke who makes a decision to be a prick in the film
world just to attract attention. There's definitely something to be said for standing your ground
when it comes to certain things -like any business, if you're someone who'll take shit from anybody
and always smiles and never lets it bother you, you can expect to be walked over for a long time."

~GQ Men Of The Year: The 5 Cover Stars Of 2015

~Jai Courtney Behind The Scenes Shoot For GQ MOTY 15



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