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NYTimes reviews Purpose and Made in the After Malik


On Purpose:
- "Mr. Bieber looks out at the world’s grand problems and wonders what he can do, as Michael Jackson might have, or a typical third grader might." lol
- "Even though Mr. Bieber is younger than all of the men of One Direction, he sounds exponentially more experienced, and exponentially more fatigued on “Purpose.”
- "on “Mark My Words,” he leaps into his sweet, frail upper register and sounds at peace."
- "field dressed version of modern club music" provided by producers Skrillex, Diplo and Blood.
- "Not every track here is an act of self-flagellation, but even the songs about pleasure, present or past, feel curiously free of sweat and drool"
- He is "the best singer of the bunch" and has a "clear vision for his sound, even if he’s being largely denied it here." how could they write this before the live lounge??

on mitam:
- "Fame may be souring them and tearing them apart, but their music barely shows a ripple."
- "In part, that’s because One Direction has always been less of a musical proposition than a marketing one."
- "“Made in the A.M.” is much the same, rootless and vague"
- "Coldplay-esque “Infinity,” or “Never Enough,” a wacky number with intense a cappella gimmickry and exuberant mid-1980s drums and horns that recall, of all things, Huey Lewis and the News. Over all, there’s less of the rock that began to color the most recent One Direction albums, but it’s clear the Beatles are on the group’s mind on “Olivia.” The Bee Gees hover over “What a Feeling,” "
- "That song is also a vocal showcase for Liam Payne, the group’s best singer now that Mr. Malik is gone. Throughout the album, he and Harry Styles take turns showing off in small doses — the music is too banal to support exceptional singing."
-Praises I want to write you a song wtf??

"With Mr. Bieber drained and One Direction preparing for hibernation, there is a window for someone else to break through: the Australian hunk-punk foursome 5 Seconds of Summer."

"This group is mercilessly, relentlessly pop, but of a different stripe, combining all of the bratty grace of the mid-1980s Beastie Boys and dawn-of-the-2000s Blink-182. Unlike Mr. Bieber and One Direction, who have tamped down their salaciousness in service of pop stardom, no one has yet told 5 Seconds of Summer to have anything other than mildly reprehensible fun. “Sounds Good Feels Good” is a showcase for raw, insipid, glorious young male id, the thing Mr. Bieber and One Direction have all but left behind."

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