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Halsey did an interview with PopJustice


Halsey did an interview with Popjustice.com and I've summarized the main points here

-40 kids were waiting for her at the airport when she arrived in London
-decided to name her album "Badlands" even though she didn't know what it meant
-says her apartment in LA has no furniture and only paper on the walls like a "serial killer's house"
-says her album is a dystopian concept album set 50-100 years in the future, then says it's an autobiographical album
-"people fucking care about me"
-thinks she's regressing to a childlike defence mechanism (i believe it)
-keeps talking about her album and the songs like they're so artistic and deep lol
-says her music is edgy and she's creating a universe
-says she worked with "no-namers"
-thinks she's very self-aware

-claims other people are fake but that she's real:

"I think for me, it’s like my project is based on honesty. And a lot of artists say that, and a lot of artists are like, ‘I’m myself, I’m myself all the time’. I don’t fucking believe them. I don’t believe people who say they’re themselves all the time. There are very few artists I know who are true to themselves in their media persona. I’m genuinely myself...I’m not worried about something catching up with me, I’m not worried about staying on brand, I’m not worried about fucking saying something that is brand appropriate."

-then goes on to say how halsey is an alter-ego
-halsey is an anagram of her real name ashley
-claims ashley gives money to homeless people and halsey "is the things people fucking care about"
-shades taylor swift. talks about the dishonest but believable, clickbait artist, "america's sweetheart". then when asked who is america's sweetheart, says taylor swift.
-"I’m not that kind of artist. I think it’s very difficult to clickbait me and I’m happy about that — I’m fucking happy about that!"
-says the mainstream media doesn't give a shit about her because she's so complex
-says people are scared of her because they don't understand her
-when she was told she can't play in the UK because no one knew who she was she told them "fuck you"
-lmao this exchange:

So the mainstream media as we understand it at the moment is irrelevant to you?
Yeah, I couldn’t honestly give a shit.
Why are you doing interviews then?
Because I do want to open my awareness and I do want people to—
But if the media are irrelevant…
It’s still an entry point. I think the media’s opinion is irrelevant, but I think my presence in it is important. My presence is an entry point and I think that’s important because obviously I want to have as many people be a part of this as possible.

-just toured with imagine dragons for 2 months and insulted the audience, calling them "very sterile" and claiming they only knew who imagine dragons were because they had radio hits. "i wasn't playing to a group of people that are into their own discovery of music, or into discovering music for themselves or curating their own taste"
-talking about how her music is about diversity and acceptance "no one fucking understands it"
-talks again about how she doesn't give a fuck what people think about her… and then contradicts herself by saying if 1000 kids walk away liking her, then she did her job. because of entry points, or something.
-the interviewer pushes some more and points out that she's going to do an interview with radio 1 in an hour, and if all media outlets decided to blacklist her, how would that affect her career? she says she'll just have to take the hard road~ and that's okay.
-talking about the BBC and people "obviously I want them to like me" (lmao she was just saying she doesn't give a fuck if people don't like her…)
-talks about her "very calculated use of social media" (oh is that what all those twitter feuds are?)
-says there are 2 things in life she wouldn't give up and one of them is "making people like me" (lol)

-thinks she's good at making people sympathize with her
-admits she's manipulative
-says she is calculated with her fans. will give them compliments so that they like her.
-claims people tell her she's the voice of a generation
-says growing up listening to rock and rap made her not scared of much in life
-claims she was homeless and kicked out of her parent's house while she was recording her album
-talks about her 10,000 tumblr followers and how people lived vicariously through her
-thinks she's "really fucking good at this"
-talks about stirring shit on twitter
-capitol said they were going to cast a guy in her "ghost" video so she said "fuck you, don’t assume that I want a guy in my video, fuck off!"

Fun fact: she said "fuck" 45 times in this interview


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