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5 of the Most Ridiculous Things on Oprah's Favorite Things 2015


It is truly the most wonderful time of the year, ONTD- when Oprah descends from her Mount Olympus in Montecito to tell us, her loyal subjects, her favorite gifts for the holiday season. This year, she even had the heart and good-nature to make the list shoppable on Amazon. Truly, we are #blessed.

Inspired by Oprah's selflessness, I took it upon myself to peruse her 93-item-deep list to bring you (what I deemed) to be some of the most ridiculous offerings she is shilling this time around. Photos, prices, and words of wisdom below the cut.

Park Avenue Faux Fur Pet Jacket

"What's your dog begging for? Surely, a faux-fur jacket—tricked out with a jeweled button closure and a practical opening for a leash. (I would have put this on my dogs when I lived in Chicago.) Bonus: It's machine washable (use a gentle cycle for maximum fluffiness)." —Oprah

Drawstring Sweatpants

Oprah has 3 pairs of these sweatpants so she always has at least one clean pair. How much is your sweatpant collection worth, ONTD?

5 Pieces of Chocolate That Look Like Things

5! Pieces! $120!

"These gilded organic dark chocolates in the shape of spiritual totems would look perfectly at home on an altar. But wouldn't you rather eat them?" —Oprah

Italian Cheese Knife Set, 3 Pieces

These are apparently handcrafted from start to finish and engraved with the initials of the artisan who made them. Which is cool and all, but Oprah suggests buying these AND a great cheese for your friend, because $425 knives aren't enough to show you care.

and my personal favorite....

a 15 pound chocolate turtle in a 5 pound edible chocolate basket for the affordable price of $500

because why the fuck not?

What's your favorite item from Oprah's list this year, ONTD?
Could you eat 20 pounds of chocolate?

SOURCE, w/ links throughout to the products and their prices

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