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EXCLUSIVE Backstage Interview with Fifth Harmony: Style Icon, Beauty Secret, etc.


the girls answered ten EXCLUSIVE questions Nobody'sChild threw at them delving into their fashion, style and beauty secrets!

1) What one piece of make-up couldn’t you live without?
Mascara, absolutely - Camila

2) What’s your best beauty secret?
It's not really a secret, but it's so important to take care of your skin! Wash and moisturize day and night. It's crucial! - Ally

3) Who’s your style icon; past or present?
Beyonce: yesterday, today and forever – Normani

4) Who’s the best dressed male celebrity at the moment?
I’d have to say Chris Hemsworth because he looks beautiful in anything he wears :) - Normani

5) You turn up to the event of the year and someone’s got the EXACT same dress on – what do you do?
Tell the girl we should be friends and then tell everyone we did it on purpose - Camila

6) Favourite style era?
Definitely the 90s - Lauren

7) Ultimate wardrobe staple?
Gold hoops – Dinah Jane

8) Who’s ALWAYS last to get ready?
LOL ME! - Dinah Jane

9) A girl’s best friend is...
My best friend is dessert hahaha. It is there to comfort and love me. And it always does - Ally

10) We’re getting the next round in - what’s your poison?
Well I’m underage in the US but in the UK it’s Jack and coke – Lauren

source: nobody'schild

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