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ONTD Original: Top 15 Messiest Scorpios

So you may have been wondering dangerbuffalo where are all my scorpio faves? Well this is the post you have been waiting for. The truth is that it was really hard to find non messy Scorpio faves!! Scorpios are passionate and notorious, so that's why this list is so stacked. I hope you enjoy!

#15. Leo DiCaprio (November 11th)

Oh Leo! His undeniable thirst for an Academy Award and a forever-24 year old girlfriend are messy as hell. He’s also a huge part in popularizing the dad bod & man bun. But somehow we can’t help but love you...

#14. Whoopi Goldberg (November 13th)

This funny lady is constantly putting her foot in her mouth on the View. Please Whoopi, tell us more about the difference between rape and rape-rape.

#13. Jenny McCarthy (November 1st)

Anti Vaxxer Jenny McCarthy (and cousin of Melissa McCarthy) is a full blown mess and brought the vaccines cause autism cry to the mainstream. No thanks, Jenny.

#12. Drake (October 24th)

October’s Very Own Drake is having quite a a year. After getting cozy with Serena and destroying Meek Mill in back to back diss songs, Hotline Bling is climbing the charts. At the end of the day, Drake is still a scrub in sheeps clothing.

#11. Katy Perry (October 25th)

Enemy of my enemy is my friend Katy Perry has built a career on leveraging cultures/sexualities to sell records, mediocre singing/dancing, and an undeniable roster of pop hits.

#10. Diplo (November 10th)

I think it’s sweet Katy and Diplo are reunited on this list, they seem to have a lot in common.

#9. Ryan Murphy (November 30th)

Oh my god three Ryan Murphy shows in one season? Ugh give us a break.

#8. Prince Charles (November 14th)

Famously known for being born famous as well as a high-profile philanderer, no one wants him to succeed the throne anyway. MESS!

#7. RuPaul (November 17th)

Ru is a dinosaur, he refuses to change and alter his bigoted language for anyone. This double scorpio is not to be messed with.

#6. Tracy Morgan (November 10th)

Tracy Morgan’s Tracy Jordan was an exaggeration of his over the top personality. He’s also made some incredible violent & homophobic remarks in his "comedy".

#5. Hillary Clinton (October 26th)

"Cool mom" Hillary Clinton is a politician through and through, using causes and agendas to her personal gain throughout her long career.

#4 & 3. Kris and Caitlyn Jenner (November 5th & October 28th)

Parents of the Year Kris and Caitlyn have unleashed their families on the world and I have to wonder if we aren’t the worse for it.

#2. Tyga (November 19th)

We all know why he’s here. To spare you his face, please enjoy this gif instead of an actual tiger.

#1. Charles Manson (November 12th)

Charles Mason was an erratic and seductive cult leader who had a temper and bevy of famous friends. He's the only serial killer to not have actually killed someone (that we know of) by his own hand. Let's hope this scorpio remains locked up for a very long time!

Ike Turner, Kelly Osbourne, Kathy Griffin, John Boehner, Picasso & Tara Reid are also Scorpio Messes!


Thanks everyone!

help from biography.com's famous scorpios list

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