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Little Mix's Twitter Q&A in the #BlueRoom.


  • Secret Love Song is a slow song, and Jade said it's a change for Jason because he will be able to show his voice.

  • “It's time to get weird with Little Mix.” — Leigh-Anne

  • The Mix Men are still around. They normally have 4, but when they go on tour they have 6.

  • Australia is #Glorious

  • You really need to watch this one. Kinky Mix strikes again.

  • Jade and Leigh-Anne talk about designers.

  • Jesy's favorite song is Grown.

  • Jade's I Won't, which they wrote with Jess Glynne.

  • They sing a little of I Won't.

  • Perrie's favorite song is Lightning, in which, according to other interview, they will sing opera.

  • Perrie's guilty pleasure is Jimmy, Jade's dad.

  • Jimmy is single and Jade asked single Mixer Moms watching the video to date him.

  • Jesy started getting irritated.

  • Jesy looks more irritated the moment Perrie and Leigh-Anne start singing some snack's theme song.

  • They sing a little bit.

  • According to Perrie, expect lots of choreography and vocals and colors.

  • “Family, friends and dogs/pets.” — Perrie & Leigh-Anne

  • Leigh-Anne inspired a fan to wear crop tops.

  • Jade doesn't share her food.

  • They really like Australia.

  • You also need to watch this video.

  • Jade says that they're more mature now.

  • While Jade is talking, Jesy and Perrie are having a more interesting conversation.

  • Perrie was shaking her head/hair and Jesy told her to stop.

  • Perrie tries to sniff Jesy's hair and makes a weird noise in the process.

  • Jesy tells her that she's gonna smack her.

  • Then she tells Perrie that she's so not in the mood anymore and that she's so tired and everything irritates her.

  • “Jesy just said she's gonna hit me.” — Perrie, who is still sounding sick.

  • Jade talks about a couple of her friends' drag queen names.

  • Jesy comes up with Leigh-Anne's drag name.

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