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ONTD Original: The 8 Funniest Film Promotion Interviews

Actors are forced to promote their new movies and answer the same questions from reporters during a million hours for months. But every now and then... magic just happens.

8. Sally Sparrow and Spiderman sing the Bed Intruder Song.

Andrew Garfield tells you to hide yo kids hide yo wife and Carey mulligan loses it.

7. Mila Kunis gives no fucks about her movie.

Mila Kunis is sick of talking about her movie and rather talk with her teen interviewer about going out and drinking a few beers. ngl. i like the banter. i kinda ship it.

6. Sally Sparrow and the other Spiderman can't stop laughing.

While promoting The Great Gatsby, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire were drunk as fuck, had some jet lag which led to some funny situations.

5. Haven't you seen 'Dear John'?

Jonah Hill and Potato Tatum together are quite funny and they mess with the poor reporter who just doesn't know how to handle them.

4. Tom Cruise almost killed a guy

Tom Cruise, before Scientology, was actually a pretty decent human being, funny even. and he tells how he had to quit the oxygen to a guy to keep flying a plane. Ok, maybe he's always been a bit cray.

3. Dustin Hoffman is circumcised.

Dustin Hoffman doesn't know what cut means. The reporter's laugh just kills me.

2. Bridesmaids and the homeless farts.

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig can't stop laughing when a french reporter can't stop talking about farts.

1. Paul Rudd And Jason Segel and GIDEON!

Paul Rudd. Jason Segel. Stoned out of their minds. And then Gideon comes! NO GIDEON NOOOO!!!

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