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Tila Tequila begins an online autobiography

Tila Tequila has started an online autobiography on Youtube!

Chapter One:
-talks about coming to earth as a soul
-entered her mother's womb when she was traveling to America on a boat
-had special powers as a child that enabled her to remember past lives
-when she was 2 or 3, waves of energy filled her room
-is not from this planet

Chapter Two:
-there's a war going on in the spirit world right now
-when she was younger, she met some of the "light beings"
-really wanted to return to her home planet as a child
-almost killed herself at age 3 with a kitchen knife but decided she had to stay here and complete her mission
-when she was 11 she began astro-projecting
-when she left her body, there was electricity everywhere and a monster appeared
-this is why she doesn't astro-project anymore
-became friends with The Moon whose name is actually Pat
-Pat threw down a magical ladder which Tila climbed up to Heaven where she played
-met Marilyn Monroe in heaven
-there has been a battle for her soul between the dark and light forces since she was a child
-travelled to Heaven every night and played with Pat the Moon

Chapter 3 will be coming out soon and will talk about her high school experiences.


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