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Event company takes a dump on kpop concert goers


Concert goers were left standing in the rain for hours waiting for answers as they were told the concert was oversold.

GUUUH hellicoptajuuce, theres too many words!!!

  • organisers oversold concert

  • promises stuff

  • makes people wait outside in the rain for 2 hours

  • lets them in, tells there they cant deliver promises

  • messiness happens

  • not the first time this company has done this

  • Company still owes refunds for a cancelled concert that was stated to happen a YEAR ago

TGM Events has been responsible for several overseas concerts in the west for various Kpop groups/singers, they have a long track record of being messy with online fan interactions and organisations. This post is about their Atlanta stop for BTS' tour.

What Happened?
Several accounts have stated that the entire event was a mess, lines were not seperated so those that had checked in lined up with those that have not.

  • The concert started at 7

  • There was only 2 employees handing out wristbands and checking people in for a crowd of over 400+

  • 7:10 the line stopped moving and people gathered into a huddle, waiting for answers from a TGM staff member

  • a TGM employee did not appear, instead a venue staff member came out to talk to the confused crowd

  • The staff member stated that the concert was 'oversold' and also told them they had to wait for the concert to end so they could do the 'hi-touch' (where the fans get to interact with the group and touch them....like a hi5 not as in grope them) and take photos

  • After waiting 2 hours in the rain, they were finally brought into the venue, only to be told that what they were promised won't be delivered.

  • TGM staff appeared on stage to talk to the crowd, saying that the group had already left (the group was unaware of the complications

  • These people were handed dodgy slips of paper with the apology, they were told to write their names and addresses to receive a full refund.

The company-
The company is incredibly unorganised, this is not the only stop for this tour that has received criticsim. A fan uncovered a tweet from a TGM staff 2 months before the event, knowingly telling fans that there are no more tickets to be sold as they have oversold the stop.

In the San Fran stop, people that purchased the generals admission ticket were allowed to sit in the empty VIP seats as it was considered 'free seating'. security was not able to get VIP members to the proper seats. Furthermore, other accounts state people that did not pay for 'hi-touch' and autographs were allowed to do those, pushing those that purchased for the expense back into the line,

The Houston stop ran out of posters for the group to sign, resulting in the group having to sign sheets of paper instead.

Here are the fan accounts:

TGM speaks-

GO IN SIS! dem PR answers tho
dead @ them not even talking to the crowd after like 3 minutes

Sources: koreabooyoutube
Fan accounts of the event: 1 2 34

ONTD, have you ever had a messy as fuck concert experience?

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