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Going into last week of regular season. Did your team clinch yet? [BASEBALL POST!]


Lots of teams clinched playoff spots in the last couple of days. Here's an update on which teams have gotten messy with the champagne in the clubhouse!

Clinched postseason spot
St. Louis Cardinals - clinched playoff berth
Kansas City Royals - clinched division
Pittsburgh Pirates - clinched playoff berth
Chicago Cubs (♥) - clinched playoff berth
New York Mets - clinched division
Toronto Blue Jays - clinched division

Still waiting to possibly clinch
Los Angeles Dodgers - Magic # to clinch division: 2 (lbr this is gonna happen)
Texas Rangers - Magic # to clinch division: 5
New York Yankees - 4.5 games ahead with AL WC spot #1
Houston Astros - currently hold AL WC spot #2
Los Angeles Angels - 1 game behind AL WC spot #2
Minnesota Twins - 2 games behind AL WC spot #2
Cleveland Indians - 3.5 games behind AL WC spot #2

Contenders who have been eliminated (sorry)
Washington Nationals
San Francisco Giants
Champagne-soaked source

National League picture has been apparent for a while, but the AL Wild Card race is really up in the air. Yanks probably have a lock on the first one but the second one is still wide open. Postseason predictions?

Did your team clinch yet, ONTD? Post celebratory pics/gifs! Also using a Cubs pic because I made the post. Who cares if we lost today? PARTY TIME. Jake Arrieta's gonna ninja up on the Pirates tomorrow anyway (and at the WC game). Anyway, here's your baseball post! October is almost here!

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