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Daniel Kyre, of the Youtube group Cyndago, has died.


Daniel Kyre, of the YouTube group Cyndago, passed away on September 18th after a suicide attempt two days earlier left him hospitalized with irreversable brain damage. His mother, father, and sister were with him at the time of his passing.

Cyndago is mostly known for their comedy videos and frequent collaborations with gaming YouTuber Markiplier. Daniel himself was also a musician.

The two remaining members of Cyndago posted this message to FaceBook:
Hello everyone. We have some very important and tragic news regarding Cyndago and our future.
It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that Daniel was found in his room on the afternoon of September 16th in critical condition after an apparent suicide attempt. He was rushed to the emergency room and transferred to the intensive care unit. Family was notified and flew to Los Angeles to be by his side. Doctors confirmed that he had suffered irreversible brain damage and would not survive.
He was taken off of life support on Friday, September 18th, 2015.
Surrounded by his family, Daniel passed away in peace.
We would like to announce that Cyndago will no longer carry forward. We have no plans to release any further videos, podcasts, or songs. We will release one final vlog addressing the current situation.
If anyone out there experiences suicidal thoughts or is battling anxiety/depression, we urge you, please seek help. You are worth more than you think, and suicide reaps massive effects upon everyone around you - your friends, your family, and everyone's life who you touched. There is always hope. There is always tomorrow.
We would like to thank everyone who stood with us throughout the years. When Cyndago was started in 2012, we never expected to come this far. It's been nothing short of an amazing journey and all of you are loved. You have all changed our lives and we hope that we could make each one of you smile. We're truly sorry that a story that brought so many people happiness had to have such a sad ending. Daniel will live on in our hearts and in the memories of the thousands of people he brought joy to everyday through YouTube. We thank you all. Goodbye.
- Ryan & Matt
A message from Daniel's father:
My wife's, his 18 year old sister's and my heart will never mend. We'll never know why this happened. Things were really starting to gel after the short seven months Daniel moved from our home in South Carolina to LA to pursue his dreams thanks to you and the opportunity afforded by Mark Fischbach.
On Wednesday September 16th I sent Daniel a text telling him how excited I was for him that things are really looking good with the Markiplier / Cyndago collaboration, the other Cyndago activities and the music he was writing with his guitar (Daniel was a great guitar player). I ended the text asking him "Are you happy?". I never heard back. An hour later I received a call from an LA ambulance asking me if I am the father of Daniel Kyre.
We sincerely thank you and Mark for the support and opportunities you gave Daniel. Everyone that came in contact with him loved him and was awed with his multiple talents. Our lives will never be the same. The world will never be the same.
- David Kyre

i found out about this through markiplier's channel and felt i should share. suicide is such a terrible tragedy that claims far too many people. wishing all the best for his friends and family in this tough time. rip daniel.

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