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The Killers / BFlow Round Up Post!


Brandon was interviewed by AMPIllinois before performing at LouFest 2015 a few days ago. Check out the interview above!
-Thinks "Lonely Town" is the best song to come out of album of the year, "The Desired Effect."(this OP see no lies!)
-Says we’re on the cusp of rock bands being popular again.

In other Killers news, Dave Keuning, the guitarist in The Killers was interviewed by The San Diego Union-Tribune about the bands break from recording/touring, performing at KAABOO, and album no. #5 from the Killers! Check out the interview behind the cut.

SDUT: In 2013, you said you were sick of touring. Now, The Killers are only doing six shows in a year. Have you gone from one extreme to another?

DK: Well, there are a variety of reasons for the touring schedule we have now. But it was more to have break by design, and also to let people (in the band) do whatever they wanted to do, whether it was to make a solo album or have time off. We’ve had a year where we didn’t play shows, for one reason or another. Last year we did a Final Four appearance; that was one of a handful of shows we did. This year, I couldn’t turn KAABOO down. It’s right in my backyard! And we were kind of overdue for a San Diego show. The last time we played here, it was part of a radio concert, so it wasn’t our own show. Neither is this festival, but it’s a longer set we’ll be playing.

SDUT: Could you elaborate about getting ready for the next Killers’ album?

DK: We’re in the very beginning stages of sharing ideas with each other, and we’ve gotten together for a few days when our schedules work out. In my opinion, it’s already begun, and it’s just a matter getting together and making and creating it.

SDUT: Do you think The Killers are due to make a left turn, like U2 did with “Achtung Baby” and The Police did with “Synchronicity?”

DK: Ah, it’s possible. It’s possible we’ll make a left turn. We’re kind of always looking at the success of the last (album), but also dong what feels right in the present at the same time, and always evolving. It’s kind of a natural evolution, I guess. I can’t say what the next album will sound like; it’s a little too early. But we still have the same ambitions.

SDUT: How similar or different are those ambitions today than when The Killers was a young new band?

DK: Well, that’s a fair question, because you may not ever be able to match the ambition of when you’re trying to quit your day job and quit eating Ramen noodles. But we feel like we’re constantly having to try to prove ourselves and have a friendly competition with all the other artists on the radio and get our song on the radio. Making music is not enough. We want our songs to see the light of day and get on pop or modern-rock radio. So, I don’t know. I’m not going to say it (the band’s ambitions) is less than what it was.

Read the full interview at the source!

The Killers’ "Hot Fuss" and "Mr. Brightside" return to the Billboard charts for the week of September 26, 2015.

"Mr. Brightside" re-entered the Rock Digital Songs chart at no. 8 and "Hot Fuss" re-entered the Billboard 200 at no. 178! A decade later and still slaying.

And finally, a remix to Brandon's "I Can Change" was added to his VEVO page. Check it out and listen to it as you get ready to go out this weekend.

Make sure to stream the 2015 iHeart Radio Music Festival tonight and watch the Killers take the stage! This OP will be there both nights and maybe I'll be on camera again drunk dancing with beer in hand receiving my life like when I did to "Moves Like Jagger" in 2013 tbh.

Are you looking forward to album no. 5 from The Killers, ONTD?

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