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Past Pageant Winners: Where Are They Now?


If you tuned into the 92nd Miss America pageant this Saturday, I hope you made sure you took the contestants and their talents seriously –- you could be looking at the next Oprah.

Before becoming America’s media queen, 18-year-old Oprah was a beauty pageant contestant who strut and sang her way to a Miss Black Tennessee title in 1972. She went on to compete in Miss Black America, until her blossoming news career cut her pageant days short.

Some of our favorite post 50 celebrities -- including Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathie Lee Gifford and Diane Sawyer -- first caught the nation's attention in beauty pageants as well. And decades later, they are still dominating their respective fields with the grace and poise befitting a pageant queen.

What other celebrities were past pageant winners? See our slideshow below.

Oprah Winfrey
Before Oprah became an Emmy-winning talk show host, actress and businesswoman, Oprah was crowned Miss Tennessee in 1972.

Michelle Pfeiffer
Years before Michelle Pfeiffer played Elvira Hancock in 1983's "Scarface," she was Miss Orange County.

Michelle Yeoh
Before starring in films like "Tomorrow Never Dies," Michelle Yeoh won the title of Miss Malaysia and Miss Moomba in the early 80s.

Diane Sawyer
Television news anchor Diane Sawyer (center) won the Junior Miss pageant in 1963.

Vanessa Williams
Actress and singer Vanessa Williams famously became the first African American Miss America in 1983. Unfortunately, her title was revoked when nude pictures of the beauty queen surfaced.

Lynda Carter
Wonder Woman won the title of Miss USA in 1972. This picture was taken her after she arrived at London Airport for the Miss World Contest.


ONTD, would you ever enter a beauty pageant?

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