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Former 1D opening act Manika's pop career is funded by her Ayn Rand-inspired scam artist parents

Manika, who just released her latest single "I Might Go Lesbian" with Tyga, has been getting attention online from people who are suspicious of her music career. After a few Google searches, one can see that Manika's whole singing career is built upon a foundation of lies and deceit. Manika's label WAMAFRAMA ENTERTAINMENT, LLC is actually owned by her parents Wallace H Ward and Grace T Ward. Her parents also own a company named MANIKA, LLC.

The LA Times wrote about Manika's grandfather Frank R Wallace, as well as her father Wallace H Ward. Frank R Wallace founded a group called the Society, which also goes by the name Neo-Tech, that sends out a 10-page letter asking people to pay $135.50 in order to get a 1,200-page book which reveals all of the Society's secrets, as well as tells them how to join the Society. The LA Times describes the Society as "a front for an Ayn Rand-inspired movement." Manika's grandfather, described as an "American author, publisher and mail-order magnate," even has his own Wikipedia page, which mentions him getting convicted for various tax crimes in the 90s.

Here is a picture of Manika with her parents, taken on the set of her music video "White Christmas," which was filmed at their home.

Here is a video someone made and posted on YouTube, warning people to watch out for Manika's dad because he is a scammer and con artist:

Here is a video of Manika's dad, who also goes by the name Mark Hamilton. You might have seen one of his infomercials on TV.

There are threads on forums dedicated to exposing Manika's dad and the Neo-Tech company.

So what has Manika's parent's money bought her? Let's take a look below:

She has written her own children's book series titled "The Exciting Adventures of Boo." If you go to the website for her book, you'll even see a review from Kevin Trudeau, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, who is currently spending 10 years in federal prison for defying a court order barring him from running infomercials that made false claims about his book, "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About."

She sang "Santa Baby" at Paris Hilton's Christmas party back in 2011.

She has opened up for One Direction on their tour, even getting interviewed by Seventeen and Twist Magazine.

All the comments, views, likes, and followers on her YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are fake. Most of her Instagram followers only have 7 posts, the most recent ones being from 107 weeks ago. All of the retweets are from accounts that ONLY retweet her Twitter account. Here are a few of the fake comments from her Vegas Party music video, posted 6 months ago:

Here are two of her fake Instagram followers who like and comment on all of her posts:

Here is an example of a fake Twitter follower that retweets all of her tweets:

Manika paid for a mobile billboard to drive around Las Vegas and promote her single "B.Y.O.Bugatti."

She also has songs that feature Lil Twist and Tyga.

And then there's this...


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