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ONTD Original: 5 new TV shows to love, 5 shows to hate.

5 New TV Shows to love:

5. Scream Queens

Because if it actually manages to resemble even a little of Glee's glorious first season, it'll be quite enjoyable plus everyone loves trashy Ryan Murphy shit even if they pretend to hate him. #RIPTheNewNormal And it also features Gay Icon and Legend Nick Jonas (Phrase copyright to superboy)

4. The Muppets

Because well...they're The Muppets! And everyone wants to see how Miss Piggy will somehow manage to get back with Kermit and leave the thin rebound pig.

3. Grandfathered

Because lbr, everyone stans for John Stamos. He remains a hot DILF and the show looks kinda decent. Plus the baby is super cute and apparently everyone already forgot about that one time he helped his friend rape a girl.

2. Quantico

Because it's Grey's Anatomy in the FBI meets How To Get Away With a Terrorist Attack. What's not to love? Also, my sweet prince Rick Cosnett is playing a gay lawyer so add it to my list #EddieThawneDeservedBetter

1. You, Me, and The End of The World

A comedy in which a priest, a terrorist, a white supremacist, a general and a bank manager try to ride out the end of the world. It's even been compared to UK Misfits (the first good years) but instead of fighting evil, this band of weirdos is just trying to survive. Plus it has Megan Mullally, who doesn't love Megan Mullally?!

5 New TV Shows to hate:

5. Blindspot

How many times do you think they'll get her naked on the show to get the ratings up because an important clue lies on the tattoo right above her crack! Jamie should keep doing her Agents of SHIELD cameos.

4. Rosewood

As fine as Morris Chestnut is... this show looks horrible. You can't even tell what it is about, but seems pretty common and a procedural on fox that's not Bones or a PLL spin-off? no ty.

3. Heroes: Reborn

Do you honestly trust Tim Kring with another TV show? No. Just No.

2. Lucifer

I've seen the pilot and besides having the most ridiculous premise ever 'The devil gets bored and goes to Vegas', Lucifer seems like a pretty tame devil...i mean, the worst thing you can do is scare little school girls? seriously? so much potential wasted.

1.Code Black

You won't hate it, it'll just be irrelevant. A doctor's procedural on CBS? Color me shocked! Marcia Gay Harden, you deserve better! #BringBackTrophyWife

Source: Me and my friend who has a bike.

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