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'Emotions' turns 24!

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Emotions was Mariah Carey's lead single of the same-titled album. Emotions was also Mariah's 5th consecutive #1 single, she is the only person to ever have their first 5 singles reach #1, before the release of 'Emotions', Mariah shared the record of 4 #1's with the Jackson 5. It reached the top spot in its 7th week and spent 3 weeks there, it then spent 20 weeks in top 40.

  • The track was nominated for the 1992 Grammy Award for 'Best Female Vocal Performance'

  • 'You're so Cold' was meant to be the lead single of her second album. This was changed when 'Emotions' was created

  • Emotions only got a Gold certification and sold roughly 500,000 in the US

  • Outside of the US, Emotions was Mariah's biggest hit since Vision of Love

The Music Video:



Source: youtube 12 3 wiki

I don't know if it's real
But I like the way I feel

ONTD, does Mimi got you feelin' emotions?

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