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Oldest Living Oscar Winner Will Turn 103 On Saturday.


Luise Rainer, born in Dusseldorf, Germany in on January 12, 1910. She is not only the first woman to win two Academy Awards but was also the first person to do so consecutively [1936's The Great Ziegfeld and 1937's The Good Earth]. She would later remark that by winning two consecutive Oscars, "nothing worse could have happened to me", as she felt audience expectations from then on were too high to fulfill.

She then starred in a string of unsuccessful movies, leading to the disappointment of both MGM and Rainer. After her brief three-year career in films, she told Louis B. Mayer that she had to stop making films and moved to London. Some film historians consider her the "most extreme case of an Oscar victim in Hollywood mythology".

Oldest Living Best Actor/Actress Award Winners
Olivia De Havilland - 96
Joan Fontaine - 95
Sidney Poitier - 85
Gene Hackman - 82
Joanne Woodward - 82
Robert Duvall - 82
Ellen Burstyn - 80
Shirley MacLaine - 78
Sophia Loren - 78
Maggie Smith - 78
Julie Andrews - 77
Jack Nicholson - 75
Dustin Hoffman - 75
Jane Fonda - 75
Anthony Hopkins - 75


Olivia. Joan. Still Alive. Still Estranged. Still BAMF's.


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