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Kirsten Dunst Post!


Kirsten Dunst is the September 2015 cover for Gotham magazine (she is interviewed by Julianne Moore in this one) and Town&Country magazine where she talked about upcoming projects and some other stuff. Some bullet points after the cut.

Gotham Magazine:

  • She and Julianne share a cute 'I'd like to work with you and vice-versa' moment. "Maybe with Sofia." Kirsten suggested.

  • About Midnight Special, Jeff Nichols' next movie in which she stars in: "It’s about a young boy, my son, who has special powers. It reminds me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I think Jeff Nichols is one of the best young directors of our time. I’ve wanted to work with him for a while, so I fought to be in this movie. I love Take Shelter, and I really like Mud."

  • Says that she choses her parts based on the director: "It’s the director every time. I’d rather play a tiny little who-cares role if the director’s great."

  • She will probably be directing next year : "We’re in the rewrite phase, and we have an actress. It’s almost all together, but I can’t fully talk about it yet."

  • Says that her character in the upcoming season of FX's Fargo is "pretty delusional". She loved the first season.

Town&Country Magazine:

  • Says that boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund, feels like family to her and that Gena Rowlands is her fave actress.

  • Had to lose 10 pounds for the Rodarter sister's directional debut"Woodshock": "I have to look a little ill, but I can't say anything more—they will freak!"

  • Lizzy Caplan advised Kirsten to take shots of B12 when she landed the role for Fargo season 2. Tv is a lot harder than film according to Dunst, but she thinks the writing was spectacular.

  • When the subject is her rehab stint for depression back in 2008, Kirsten says that the expectations that people have of an actor is ridiculous. The interviewer writes that Dunst was addicted to people-pleasing at the time.

  • Celebrities, they just like us: "In the last room of the Grotjahn show, Dunst turns and whispers, "How much do you think these paintings cost?" The young woman sitting behind the reception desk tells us that​ most of the canvases are priced at $2 million. We look at each other and laugh. "Let me just run to the car and get my wallet," Dunst says. Sensing that this might be taken the wrong way by the receptionist, she adds, "I mean, they're totally worth it. I would buy a painting if I could afford it."

  • "There's also talk of a third film with Sofia Coppola in 2016." States the interviewer. (let us pray)

Gotham Magazine Editorial:

Town&Country Magazine Editorial:(Rosamund Pike, is that you in the second pic?)

More pics + a Gotham behind the scenes video at SOURCE1& SOURCE 2.

This is my first post ever, but I hope it's formatted alright, mods. She's pretty low-key/boring, but there's a lot of info of her next projects that sound interesting imo. TYFYA, ONTD!

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