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#RenewKilljoys Sneak peak of tonight's finale, interviews and cast on social media


- Variety describes the show as a mix of Dark Angel and Firefly. Showrunner Michelle Lovretta mentions that there is an intentional retro vibe to it but she feels it's more 80s than 90s.
- Considers the first season of the show to be on level with the teaser at the beginning of the episode and that hopefully by the end people will look back at it thinking "Oh you poor innocent bastards"

- She mentions some people not taking women characters seriously and that ones we do have aren't always believable
- The friendship between Johnny and Dutch is one of the most important / driving points of the show
- Thinks the Dutch / D'av thing could have been handled better and admits she's used to a 13 episode format instead of 10 and that was a hindrance
- Says Dutch / D'av is not "some deep meaningful thing"

- Impressed with how the FX came out and with Lucy as the voice actress was not on set
- Was drawn to Killjoys initially by liking the work of the showrunner and production team
- His favorite thing about Johnny is that he's the glue that holds the team together
- Talks about how he loved playing Jimmy Olsen but didn't get a lot of cool things to do with him like he does with Johnny
- Has a sense of humor similar to Johnny's
- In the original script for "A Glitch In The System" it ended with Johnny being super aggressive with D'avin. Aaron mentioned to the writer it felt a little unnatural and insensitive since he had just seen D'av tortured. The writer completely agreed and ended up changing the scene
- Says John probably isn't classically educated and didn't really have the opportunity for school but is obviously intelligent
- His favorite episodes this season were 1 x 07 and 1 x 09
- Thinks we don't get to see relationships like Johnny and Dutch's between men and women in media and he draws a lot from one of his own friendships
- He doesn't think that John has any romantic love for Dutch... they have love for each other but it's mutual respect and friendship

- Hopes John gets more action scenes in a season two
- Jokes about how he started Shawn's career since Aaron booked a commercial when he was 8 and ended up with the stomach flu on the day of filming so his mom asked the director if Shawn could go instead since they're twins
- Him and Shawn started their careers together and would love to work together more but they're very picky about projects they would both work on since they feel a lot of stories that want twins are pretty cheesy
- Season one Killjoys ends on a cliffhanger

- Showrunner Michelle Lovretta currently has ideas for five years for the show
- A scene with Johnny and Fancy was filmed but didn't make the air where all the other Killjoys are disgusted with Fancy but Johnny sits with him and brings him a beer and that Johnny respects Fancy

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Season finale starts in 10 minutes! We also get the return of Fancy Lee. <3 Don't forget to tweet #RenewKilljoys and remember the warrant is all!

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