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ONTD Original: When Bad Wigs Happen To Good Actors


Wigs are a necessary part of film making. When it's done right, we barely realize there was a wig used at all.

After watching Fantastic Flop this weekend, I realized that bag wigs can happen to anyone and it really needs to stop. To highlight these flops, I've selected five bad wig moments from my memory.

Kate Mara - Fantastic Flop (2015)
For a movie that is getting disastrous reviews, the bag wig situation of film star Kate Mara should be addressed too. In some moments, her hair looks lovely as shown below.

Kate Mara Good Hair

But then her hair color and roots change drastically during the same moments in the film. Clearly, this was because of reshoots but they couldn't get someone to do a better wig for her? Maybe they realized that much like the film, the wig could not be saved.

Kate Mara Bad Hair 1

Halle Berry - All the X-MEN films
Halle's wigs for her character Storm have been a running joke for many years. They look like something you would buy at Party City for Halloween.

However, Halle has been a good sport about them and during promotion of X-MEN Apocalypse, had this to say about the wigs. "I have all the wigs—and I wear them sometimes just for fun!"
"Nahla wears them. I wear them. Others wear them."

With Storm being recast for the new film, Halle won't have to worry about them wig problems no more.

halle berry worst wigs

Corey Stroll - The Strain

Corey Stroll Bad Wig

Bad wigs can happen on the small screen too. Fans of the FX show "The Strain" have long wondered "Why the wig?" for lead actor Corey Stroll. Producers have explained that it would be important to the show and that's why he's covering his beautiful bald head with that rat nest of a wig.

“Maybe nobody believed us but it really was our plan. We knew Eph was going to be a fugitive and he was going to have to get himself out of New York City and disguise himself to do that.” explains producer Carlton Cuse.

Ok but it really didn't make sense why the producers needed the wig when he could have easily just worn a hat to go undercover or bought a wig for that one moment. Glad to see him sporting his natural look now though.

Corey Shaving

In the iconic words of Ms. Nene Leakes...bye wig.

Bruce Willis - Surrogates (2009)
You might not remember the film. Based on its rotten tomatoes score, many people would choose not to remember it at all. The wig was intended to be used when he was playing a younger, robotic version of himself I think? I really can't remember but I think it was something stupid like that.

Anyway, it was a truly terrible wig. We were also treated to those bleached eyebrows as well.

Bruce Wig

But Bruce was no stranger to bad wigs. He sported quite a few of them in the 1997 film Jackal.


Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween 2
The scariest thing about Halloween 2 was not Michael Myers but that damn wig. So Halloween 2 is set on the same night as Halloween 1 and this is how Jamie Lee looked in the first film.


For the sequel, they wanted to preserve the same look from the first film but they really failed with her wig.

Halloween 2 bad wig

You can't help but notice that wig during most of the film.

Honorable Mention - Samuel L. Jackson
This man has been put in some truly terrible wigs in his career.

Samuel L Jackson Bad Wigs

Go easy on me, just wanted to make a fun post :)

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