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ONTD Original: Calvin Harris Is an Asshole and Here Are the Receipts


you may know calvin as 1/2 of the beigest couple on earth with taylor swift. after coming after zayn and deleting and backtracking in the process, twitter started to dig up receipts on calvin's messiness. people asked me to make this in the other post, so here's an ode to calvin's true self!

1) Lady Gaga exposing Calvin Harris

Back in 2012 when calvin first made it big, calvin went on some show and talked about how lady gaga sent him some samples back before she was big, in hopes of a collab, but calvin was too busy and had bigger and better things to do.

lady gaga said that was basically bullshit and called him out! even exposing him as a bit of a misogynist!

2) Calvin making his stage name Calvin because it's "racially ambiguous"

self explanatory. he's a dumbass

"My first single was more of a soul track, and I thought Calvin Harris sounded a bit more racially ambiguous.

"I thought people might not know if I was black or not."

3) calvin canceling last minute on katy perry

calvin was supposed to be an opener for katy perry's teenage dream tour and he cancelled last minute because he didn't like his set arrangements. after calvin made a passive aggressive tweet about it, katy perry then went to twitter to reveal calvin's true diva self.

4) Calvin banning Rita Ora from promoting her single because they broke up

Rita Ora and Calvin had a really messy break up a year ago, and he was all up on the twitter claiming he had good reason to treat her like crap after they broke up.

basically, he wrote and produced rita ora's single, and they broke up shortly after it was released. calvin was mad as hell about it, and decided to sabotage her career and banned her from performing it on TV at an awards show. the single flopped and rita ora is out here still struggling today. so watch out for that taylor/calvin breakup: it might get too real

here are some HONORABLE MENTIONS of calvin being racist, misogynistic, and a general mess

also this post if you want to see more douchebaggery

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