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ONTD Original: 5 more of Taylor Swift's worst performances

Continuing on from (everyone's fave) ONTD user wavvy's throroughly investigated and truthful post a while ago about the most iconic Swift performances, I'm here to provide more!

In no particular order, here we go!

Tonight, VMAs commerical, 2009

Truly a mess.

Best moments: All of it really, but for the struggle of all struggles watch 0:47 - 1:00

Trouble & WANGBT, New Year's Rockin' Eve, 2013

Showing that she has put absolutely no effort into improving her vocals since the tragic Tonight performance, Taylor brings in the New Year in the worst way possible. She walks around boringly, and does those weird hand movements that she thinks looks good for whatever reason.

Best moments:0:52 - 0:57 where a fan looks visibly shocked at what she's hearing, 2:43 - 3:10 for more painfully flat notes and fan reactions. 6:07 - 6:18 is absolute gold.

Thug Story, CMT, 2009

In which Taylor engages in stereotypes about rappers (they all have guns and rap about the club), and wears grills.

Best moments: The entire thing is Taylor attempting to come across as dorky and relatable; "I knit sweaters, yo" at 1:08.

Shake It Off, VMAs, 2014

In a song about her haters, Taylor continues to prove to them that she still can't sing or perform. You can listen to the isolated vocals of this performance here.

Best moments: Bad lip-syncing from 2:16 - 2:24, the note she tries to reach at 3:45, and her thinking she slayed it.

Trouble, BRIT Awards, 2013

Taylor tries to be sexy and dance.

Best moments: Her "sexy reveal" at 1:58, the vocals and dubstep "dancing" from 2:40 -3:30.


ONTD, would you stan somebody who is terrible live?

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