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Wiz, Amber, and Some Other Guy Take a Picture Together!

Isn't it beautiful when former couples squash their differences and reconcile with each other in a civil way?

Here we see Ryan, Wiz, and Amber posing for a picture! After months of circulating drama in the media, it seems that the couple are on better terms. Good thing, since they share custody of a child together and it's always good to set yourself out as an example for your child's (and your own) sake.

Seems like the party was great! Chips, drinks, and blunts (I am sad I couldn't think of something that rhymed to continue that) and a decent sized place.

(Lays sucks, but if there's nothing else, you make due with it.)

(What is he putting in his mouth?)

(Lana, her influence.)

(Multitasking...my ass would have fallen over and given up.)

(Ambar is also promoting her "Slut Walk" in LA with this Instagram post.)

ONTD, have you ever reconciled with your ex through a third party, who people would be surprised you run in with the same circle?
Oh, are you still friends/have you stayed friends/could you stay friends with ex partners?
Also, what's makes a smashing party?
One more thing, do you have that friend who likes to get shirtless?


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