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New Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow interviews from SDCC


-new faces
-barry gets a new power in episode 2/changes to the suit
-emotional focus on the west family this season

not much about the season but this cast is cute. victor garber is adorable.

-caity's training a lot more for legends
-is sara a hero or a villain? she's "a little mixed up"

-emily wants felicity to be getting some self defense training, calls team irresponsible if they haven't in 3 years
-it's been 5 months, everything in the city is worse
-david says team arrow is fine without oliver but there's some challenges right in 4x01
-black canary getting her motorcycle???!!!
-i love paul blackthorne's accent

-john and his replica ra's al ghul ring - doesn't know what kind of leader malcolm is
-magic being introduced this season

i wish they had kept in the nyssa/laurel training one at least. we got a whole sequence of them all training in the opening of felicity's episode, why not a little of theirs too?

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-Rutina's role is being kept a secret for now
SPECULATE: Hero or villain?

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