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Asians on American TV: Priyanka Chopra, Angela Zhou, Ken Jeong, and Daniel Wu talk shows


- Priyanka Chopra is the highest-paid actress in India and now she's leading ABC's "Quantico" premiering September 27 at 10 pm
- "Quantico" is a series about FBI recruits with one of them being a future terrorist mastermind who attacks New York City
- Says she wanted to be part of American television which she calls the "best content in the world" and that when she went to school in America, she never saw anyone with her color skin on TV. She notes that she didn't want to be cast for the color of her skin but her acting ability though.
- ABC allowed her to look at several scripts, of which she chose "Quantico." She mentions that her character Alex Parrish was a female Jason Bourne which she loved.
- Says she hopes her schedule will allow her to continue doing movies in India as well as TV in America
- You can catch a trailer for the show here

- Angela Zhou plays Fong/Mei, 1 of a few new Asian characters on the currently-airing 5th season of AMC's "Hell on Wheels" (after they were shamed into including Asian characters for this story about American railroads)
- Her character is basically Mulan with Fong being the male disguise of Mei
- She was originally told Mei was a tomboy before finding out she was disguising herself as a man
- She had a transgender man (aided by friends in the trans community) as her gender consultant instructing her on how to change her mannerisms to be more masculine
- Read about the Chinese immigrant experience from "The Chinatown War" by Scott Zesch and watched "Becoming American: The Chinese Experience" on DVD

- Ken Jeong plays himself on ABC's "Dr. Ken," a sitcom based loosely on his life as a physician premiering October 2 at 8:30 PM
- Credits "Knocked Up" and "The Hangover" for his break in showbiz
- Maintains that his Mr. Chow character from "The Hangover" is an ironic take on Asian tropes
- His show will be the second series on air in America featuring a primarily Asian-American cast, alongside "Fresh Off the Boat," coming 21 years after Margaret Cho's failed sitcom "All-American Girl" made history as the first Asian-American family on TV.
- Promises a more grounded experience than his previous characters
- It will feature an Asian family without the accents and be a show about people who happen to be Asian rather than a show primarily about being Asian
- Hopes this show will provide another layer in diversity of Asian representation
- You can view a trailer for the show here

- Daniel Wu executive produces and stars in AMC's "Into the Badlands" premiering November 15 at 10 PM
- The show will be 6 hour-long episodes loosely based on Chinese tale "Journey to the West"
- Wu will star as Sunny, a great warrior who travels across a future, feudal America with a young boy named MK (played by Aramis Knight of German, Eastern Indian, and Pakistani descent) as they search for enlightenment
- Wu wants to elevate his martial arts show into a show with emotional complexity and depth like "The Walking Dead"
- As a Chinese-American, he had little role models on TV, but looked up to Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Bruce Lee. They inspired him to get into martial arts
- He says the production schedule involving the fight scenes is modeled on how Jackie Chan produces his
- You can view a trailer for it here

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