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[NSFW] 5 celebs that do leg day

Many men don't do leg day, thinking that doing legs is a woman's thing and makes them look feminine if they were to have juicy thighs. In this post we provide evidence that this is all lies.

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Chris Pratt
at 36 years old (um wat?!) Chris is a yoyo-fatty. Meaning he is usally a lil chubby but drops the weight and gains muscle for certain roles
How did Chris get this way?
“Three or four hours a day of just consistent, ass-kicking hard work."
His trainers and nutritionist upped his calorie intake to 4,000 (normally its 2,000 for everyone). His workout sessions consisted for P90x, running, swimming, kickboxing and even triathlons.
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mario lopez
'Irl Latino' Dilf Mario Lopez
This noice piece of delish, is super into fitness, even being a daddy and does other stuff for a living.
Check out his workout plan here

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mario lopez niptuck lingerie1
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dwayne johnson 5
Dilf Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Actor, fitness dude and eyecandy aged at 43 years old is no top-heavy gymbro.
His thighs come in various levels of thickness and muscularity(is that even a word?) He is an advocate of leg day, posting selfies and tweets during his leg workouts

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Jean Claude Van Damme
Jean Claude Van Damme
Jean rose to fame during the the 80-90s. He played several variations of an action hero, fiding someway to either day, get naked and show off his body/ass or awkwardly deliver lines in english. He took up bodybuilding for karate competitions and kickboxing when he was young and also ballet to help with his flexibility. He broke out into the movie scene by demonstrating his skills via doing a 360 kick, having it land inches from a director's face. BIG THIGHS GET YOU MOVIE ROLES SIS!
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Jean Claude van damme timecop reboot
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Yasss spread dat bussy out Jean sis!

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David 'Thick Dick' McIntosh
29 year old full time model, part time nudist, makes money via modelling, he does not skip leg day whatsoever, he flaunts his thighs in mostly short shorts, bless jesus!

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David Mc Intosh Naked 02 768x1024
David Mc Intosh Naked 05
David Mc Intosh Naked 07

Special Mentions - Athletes
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David Pocock - Rugby

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David Williams - Rugby

Sonny Bill Williams (the poster boy for this post)- Rugby

rev jan5 2013 Forstermann 3
Robert Forstermann - cyclist

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do you do leg day? fitness post? thigh post?

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