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ONTD Original: 5 times Australian TV was problematic

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Besides the fact that yall think all australians are hot, you also have this sentiment that Australians are somewhat conservative (aka racist, bigoted, etc) irl they are, lets see how they've done on television

682106 kapoors neighbours
Menik Gooneratne, left, Coco-Jacinta Chen and Sachin Joab

Show: Neighbours
After Sachin's character gathered favourable responses inspite of racist comments left in forums and posts, a story was developed and the creation of his character's family happened.
Problem: What was problematic were the ways these characters left after their arcs were done.

  • Producers reported that these actors left to pursue other work,

  • The actors responded by saying that they didn't know that their characters wouldn't be returning the year after. Thus returning the show to an all white cast

  • Sachin then stated that the producers let them go, due to lack of storyline ideas and a small budget.

  • Sachin then questioned as to how that was considering his character lost his wife and became a single father, he even suggested several storylines that were then rejected.

  • The characters left the show, returning to India, even though the characters were Australian born and raised

  • Sachin suggested his character leave for a different part of Australia, which was rejected

  • The writers finally accepted his suggestion of the family visiting family on the way home to the UK

200px Sunny Lee
Hany Lee plays Sunny
Neighbours introduced a foreign-exchanged student from South Korea to its mix in 2009

  • Sunny had a full australian accent

  • She had australian mannerism

  • She displayed no asian cultural traits, such as not fucking climbing on a couch with shoes on

  • pretty much a white girl in an asian woman's body

haa charlie joey 400x300 14redvt
Charlie (played by Esther Anderson) and Joey (played by Kate Bell)
Show: Home & Away
Joey arrives at Summers bay, falls for Charlie, they kiss.

  • Prior to Joey arriving, Charlie had been in heterosexual encounters

  • Writers did not respond as to whether she was actually bisexual the entire time

  • When the kiss happened, lobby groups tore at it

  • They didn't like a same-sex kiss in a 'family show' the same show that has teenage pregnancy, stalkers, hospital bombings and cancer

  • Viewership decline after the episode with the kiss

  • Producers then cut scenes to please viewers

  • As the relationship ended Charlie was had heterosexual relationships

smouse 03 1024
S.Mouse played by Chris Lilley
Show: Angry Boys
Chris Lilley stars as many characters in one show

  • Chris cosplays as an japanese tiger mum

  • Chris cosplays as an african-american rapper

kinopoiskru jordan rodrigues 1329634364
Jordan Rodrigues plays Jai Fernandez
Show: Home & Away
Jordan appears becomes a recurring character in Home and Away

  • Character is introductioned by use a real life disaster, the 'boxing day tsunami'

Source: Me, I Am OP...The Source

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