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ONTD Original: Top 10 Mexican Soundtrack Songs

Continuing my Sunday Mexican pride, let's focus now on the top 10 soundtrack songsfrom different movies (good, mediocre, and bad).

10. Plastilina Mosh - Nalguita

From the stupid, slightly homophobic/transphobic movie Pink Punch (Puños Rosas), about an assassin that falls in love with a boxer after the man witnesses his shooting in an alley.This song is the best thing that came from it.

9. Denise Gutiérrez - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

Part of a really interesting soundtrack from the FLOP movie Cantinflas, this cover is amazing, and it is just because I'm biased and love Denise's voice and work as part of the band Hello! Seahorse. Go listen to them now!

8. Café Tacvba - Como Te Extraño mi Amor

Haven't seen the movie Biutiful, but it has only 64% rotten tomatoes and it's the second movie from the Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu to be in Spanish since Amores Perros, to which decided to go back to his Mexican roots an cast the Mexican actor... Nevermind.
The song, though, is really good and I'm happy that it was brought back for younger generations. Cafeta has a lot of good songs so, go to Spotify and listen to them!

7. Tin Tan - Piel Canela

This song comes from the movie 'Unknown Mariachi (El Mariachi Desconocido)', about a guy (Tin Tan) that gets hit on the head, gets amnesia and ends up in Cuba, lol.

6. Aleks Syntek - Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas

From the 1999 risqué movie of the same name, this song made Aleks Syntek and made us feel profound & brave (because it has the word sex in the title/lyrics!!!! ¡ESCÁNDALO!) while singing along.
5. Molotov - Here Comes the Mayo

As part of the excellent movie "Y Tu Mamá También", this song from refined Mexican group Molotov, uses highly romanticized metaphors to remind us the importance of personal care, self-esteem and love.

4.Control Machete ft. Ely Guerra - De Perros Amores

The soundtrack of this movie (Amores Perros) is really good, with a lot of amazing songs (like this one from Julieta Venegas before she sold her soul). Each one fits perfectly within the world González Iñárritu was trying to illustrate and actually complemented it, making the whole universe of the movie richer.

3. Celso Piña - Cumbia Sobre el Rio

Alejandro González Iñárritu's last installment Babel brought his idea of how distant we are with one another, and that not only the language, culture and prejudge can divide us, but also, our simple selves, making us feel isolated even if we are surrounded by people.
But this film also brought the jams, like this cumbia that you cannot but feel like dancing with a caguamón bien helado.

2. Pedro Infante - Amorcito Corazón

From the movie "Nosotros los Pobres", this song made everyone's grandma fall in love with Pepe 'el toro'.

1. Lola Beltran y mariachi Pulido - Cucurrucucú Paloma

From the the 1965 film, Cucurrucucú Paloma, this song has been used for several films as part of their soundtrack. The films include: Le Magnifique, Escuela de vagabundos, The Last Sunset, Happy Together, Talk to Her, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, and The Five-Year Engagement.



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