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Director is a kind of a dick to fans, news at 11.

Ian Jq, co-executive producer of Stephen Universe, had a parody fan blog taken down today because he thought fans would find it confusing. The blog, Did You Know Stephen Universe, was an account that posted comically false facts about the cartoon, with source links that lead to humorous tinypic gifs and tagged each post with "misinformation". The producer publically tweeted the fan account his disproval, and then deleted the tweets (shown below).

The blog's creator immediately decided to end the blog, posting:

"Right from the start, it’s always been a personal rule of mine that the blog will cease immediately if any Steven Universe crew member had a problem with it.... Big apologies to the Steven Universe cast and crew, especially Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey, as well as anyone who was mislead or upset with the blog.

I’d like to end on a final note that I hope will clear things up for anyone who still does not understand the nature of the blog:

Every single fact posted on this blog was completely made up.
Nothing originating from this blog has ever been true."

After fans on Tumblr and Twitter expressed disappointment, Ian posted the following on Twitter:

And posted the following on his blog:


yo guys. the misinformation being spread by DYKSU got to me. I was harsh. they apologized. i was annoyed but i accepted it and apologized for being a dick. i proposed keeping the blog going with a larger parody disclaimer, but it was their choice to take it down.

please don’t go and harass them or their fans. don’t make the mistakes i did!

When fandom interaction goes wrong.... Stories about jerkish directors/producers?

Ian's Twitter
Ian's Tumblr
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The Now Defunct Parody Blog

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