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Quentin Tarantino Post

Quentin Tarantino hints at a future for "Kill Bill"

"Never say never to 'Kill Bill 3.' Uma [Thurman] would really like to do it. We talk
about it every once in a while. Vernita’s daughter just needs to get a little older."

Ennio Morricone will score his first western in 40 years
with Tarantino's The Hateful Eight!

It was announced during a Hateful Eight panel at Comic-Con today (July 11)

"I want to make one announcement that people don't know yet. It wasn't for sure, but
we just settled it. You guys know that I don't use an original score in my movies, I
kinda take scores from other movies and put 'em in there. This one, I thought should
have an original score. So I'm here to announce that the great Ennio Morricone will be
doing the score for The Hateful Eight. He's writing right now, and recording in Prague
in the next couple of weeks."

Tarantino suggests he may do a TV Mini-Series

"If I can’t shoot on film, if I can’t release on film… we’ll see what happens. I like
the idea of leaving and having people wanting more, maybe there are 10 movies but three
mini-series for television. My scripts get cut down anyway. If I wrote a script and it’s
eight hours, then we’ll be all good."


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Source: @HitFix@thehatefuleight@TheWrap - @wearemoviegeeks

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