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Duggar Update: Jill and Derick Go Away, Josh Watched Porn, & Bill Gothard Talks Josh's "Counseling"

The Duggar Family announced Jill and Derick have left the country to do missionary work by posting a video that is creepy, even by Duggar standards. In what is meant to look like a candid video, Jim Bob awkwardly leads the family in prayer. Out of nowhere, he then asks Derick how his dad dying at an early age affected him and disturbingly nods along while Derick speaks.

In a post on his blog, Derick said, "For security purposes, at this time, we’re not publicly discussing specific times and places of international service." It has been speculated they will either be returning to Nepal, where Jill and Derick began courting as Jim Bob tagged along, or El Salvador. Since Jill knows a few words in Spanish, they will be able to speak the language no matter where they end up. As Jim Bob has taught us before, Spanish is the language of countries where English is not the main language. And Spanish is just an o added to the end of English words!

In Josh Duggar news, more has come out about what he was doing in his teen years beyond wearing mom jeans. While working for a family friend's political campaign in 2004, Josh got into trouble for watching porn on a campaign computer. At the time, Josh was also bethroted to marry the daughter of this politician. It has been said that the politician, Jim Holt, blamed his loss to "sin in the camp" by Josh Duggar. The betrothal was broken off and one girl went on to breathe a sigh of relief while another will be breathing through labor pains on a toilet any day now.

I Photoshopped this a while back. I just searched for it and found it here. I wonder if they noticed?

More has come out about the "counseling" Josh received after his parents found out he had molested at least five victims.

Bill Gothard, the founder of the IBLP which is central to the religious beliefs of the Duggars, says it was him who gave the order to send Josh to a program where Josh learned carpentry and had lust counseling. Just like Jesus!

Bill Gothard and Mike Huckabee

Gothard said, "Josh was put to work helping with the renovations and learning about carpentry and on the side being instructed spiritually." Despite the fact the police report has victim statements, proving that the girls did know that they were molested, Gothard tried to downplay it in a similar fashion as the girls own parents, "The fact is he did touch his younger sisters, he was a teenager at the time, he touched them in the wrong places which was totally wrong but the sisters weren't even aware of it."

Gothard went on to give a lesson in biology, "The endocrine system consists of about 16 or 17 or so glands throughout our body and they are affected by our sexual drive," he explains. "Lust can have a positive or negative affect on the body depending on what it's for. God designed us to have an attraction to the opposite sex for marriage. But whoremongers will be damaged by their own system."

Gothard is no longer the head of the IBLP. He had to step down after finally acknowledging the years and years of sexual abuse allegations from young girls in his organization.

There is much more about Josh's cleanse by a Godly mentor here and it is worth reading. These people are in a race with Scientology to claim title of the absolute worst and it looks like IBLP/ATI is in the lead.

To add to the creep factor, here are some of the signs that can be seen around the Duggar home. While these are icky at anytime, knowing what we now know, they come across much worse.

And finally, an additional bit of information showing people connected to all this in some way and their Christian values in action...

  • Josh Duggar - Molested five girls, including sisters, ranging in ages 4 - 12

  • Bill Gothard - At least 34 women who worked for Gothard have said they were sexually harassed by him, four women have said he molested them, one of the molestation victims was 16 at the time

  • Joseph Hutchens - State Trooper who Jim Bob personally knew and brought his son to for a "stern talk" after admitting to molestation, in prison for child pornography

  • Doug Phillips - Duggar family friend, presented Michelle Duggar with "Mother of the Year" award, former President of Vision Forum Ministries, sexually abused his children's nanny

  • John Perry - Co-authored books with Mike Huckabee (who was extremely outspoken in his defense of Josh Duggar), molested young girl but statute of limitations had passed by the time police were informed

What would people in developing countries appreciate more than running water or access to healthcare? A picture of the Duggar family, of course!

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