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[NSFW] Danrad wins best ass in Britian

girlsdr jpg?1407923706

The ‘Rear of the Year’ is a light hearted award presented annually to British celebrities with prize-winning rear assets. It was created by publicity consultant Tony Edwards and is organised by Rear of the Year Limited.

The ‘Rear of the Year’ trophy is presented to both a male and a female celebrity each year but a pre-event list of contenders is never published so that bookmaker speculation on the outcome is pure conjecture.

Here are some other british butts -
tumblr md1v9s Oi4e1ro9uz3o2 500
Idris Elba

tumblr mczaqglf631rx55joo5 1280
Andy Murray

Jamie Dornan

tumblr inline mg4mv7i Vcv1qawrn2
Daniel Craig

tumblr kw1mnqzv Fi1qaz8soo1 500
Henry Cavill

Source: rearoftheyear.comcaptial breakfast@yoube

ONTD, which male celeb's ass do you like?

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